Playing Pinnies: The Golf Bet Called the 'Pinnie'

In golf, a "pinnie" is a side bet within a group of golfers that automatically pays off when a golfer in the group achieves the pinnie objective. And what is that objective? The pinnie (or "playing pinnies") is defined differently by different groups, but there are two primary ways of playing pinnies:
  1. The pinnie is earned when golfer sinks a putt that is longer than the length of the flagstick.
  2. Or the pinnie is earned when a golfer hits his or her approach shot inside the length of the flagstick.
Obviously, the name "pinnie" or "pinnies" refers to the pin, or flagstick, because of the key role played by the flagstick in either version.

Note that in version No. 2, golfers in the group usually stipulated a minimum length for the approach shot. For example, you win the pinnie only if your approach shot was from 150 yards out, or 100 yards out (just agree on a distance before the round starts).

Groups that play pinnies should stipulate before starting the round that pinnies are in effect; the specific version that is in use; and how much achieving a pinnie is worth (in either monetary value or points). Pinnies are often included in the catch-all games known as Junk, Garbage, Trash or Dots. Some versions of this game also go by the name Polee.

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