2nd Hole at Augusta National: Pink Dogwood

  • Par: Par 5
  • Length: 575 yards
  • Name: Pink Dogwood
Hole No. 2 at Augusta National Golf Club is the first par-5 golfers encounter. It is the longest hole on the course both for member play and during The Masters. For Masters Tournament golfers, it plays as one of the easiest holes on the course.

No. 2 is a dogleg left and pros (and other long hitters) are able to reach the green in two with a decent drive.

The hole's namesake, pink dogwood (scientific name: cornus florida) "is an American contribution to the world of ornamental horticulture," according to the Masters website, because the tree "is a mutation that is propagated by grafting onto a white dogwood seedling." There are lots of pink dogwoods along both sides of the fairway and they are typically in bloom at tournament time.

This is an animated course flyover created by Golfweek magazine:

Scoring Stats on Augusta National Hole 2

Hole 2 has an all-time scoring average during Masters Tournament play of 4.78 strokes. That ranks it as the 16th-toughest hole at Augusta National. Or, to state it another way, the third easiest.

The second hole has never played over par during a Masters. The highest stroke average yet was 4.9964 in 1957. The lowest stroke average on No. 2 was 4.467 in 2020.

All-Time Best and Worst Scores on Augusta's 2nd Hole

Highest score ever on No. 2: The worst score ever made on the second hole is a 5-over-par (quintuple bogey) 10. That score has happened twice in Masters history:

Lowest score ever on No. 2: One golfer has made a double-eagle 2 on the second hole. It was Louis Oosthuizen in 2012, and it's one of only a handful of double eagles in Masters history.

Best tournament score ever on No. 2: What about cumulative score on No. 2 during a single Masters? The best four-round score on the hole is 6-under 14, recorded by Phil Mickelson in 2017. Mickelson made two eagles and two birdies, going 3-4-4-3.

Worst tournament score on No. 2: The highest, four-round total on the 2nd hole during a single Masters is 6-over 26. Only one golfer has made that score, and it's Sam Byrd in 1948. Byrd's 10 on the hole happened in the first round that year, then he scored 5-5-6 in the following rounds.

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