13th Hole at Augusta National: Azalea

  • Par: Par 5
  • Length: 545 yards
  • Name: Azalea
Hole No. 13 at Augusta National Golf Club is the first par-5 on the back nine and the last of the three holes that comprise "Amen Corner." It is a birdie hole and one of two great eagle opportunities (along with the 15th hole) for Masters Tournament golfers on the back nine.

The fairway is a big dogleg to the left and the drive needs to wind up near the center of the fairway for a good angle. (Golfers cross the Nelson Bridge over Rae's Creek after teeing off.) A Rae's Creek tributary snakes down the left side of the hole and winds in front of the green.

The hole's namesake Azalea (scientific name: rhododendron specie) bushes can be found all over the golf course in more than 30 varieties. But they are most abundant here, with about 1,600 of them planted down the south side of the hole. They produce brilliant color in their blooms from March through mid-April.

Here is an animated flyover of No. 13:

In 2017, the club purchased a small plot of adjacent land that eventually allowed it to lengthen the hole by 20 yards, to its current length.

Scoring Stats on Augusta National Hole 13

The all-time scoring average on the hole during Masters Tournaments is 4.77 strokes. That ranks the 13th 18 out of the 18 holes on the course — it's the easiest hole at Augusta National during The Masters.

The 13th hole has played over par before, however: In the 1976 Masters the stroke average was 5.04. That's the highest. The lowest stroke average on the 13th in a single Masters is 4.47 in 2019.

All-Time Best and Worst Scores on Augusta's 13th Hole

Highest score ever on No. 13: The worst score ever on the 13th is a 13 — an octuple bogey — recorded by Tommy Nakajima in the 1978 Masters. His troubles included hitting into the Rae's Creek tributary in front of the green, then attempting to play out of the water, and incurring two, 2-stroke penalties. At the time, it was the highest score in Masters history (a dubious distinction that has since been twice tied).

Lowest score ever on No. 13: The best score ever made on the hole is a 2, a double eagle, made by Jeff Maggert in 1994. When Maggert holed his approach shot, he was just the third golfer in Masters history to make a double eagle.

Best tournament score ever on No. 13: What about cumulative score on No. 13 during a single Masters? The best four-round total is 6-under-par 14, a score that has been achieved 10 times in tournament history:

  • Byron Nelson, 1947 (3,3,4,4)
  • Jimmy Demaret, 1950 (4,3,3,4)
  • Lloyd Mangrum, 1953 (4,3,3,4)
  • Raymond Floyd, 1971 (3,4,3,4)
  • Phil Mickelson, 1995 (3,4,4,3)
  • Bernhard Langer, 2000 (3,4,3,4)
  • Padraig Harrington, 2009 (4,3,4,3)
  • Phil Mickelson, 2010 (3,4,3,4)
  • Matt Kuchar, 2015 (3,4,4,3)
  • Marc Leishman, 2020 (3,4,4,3)
Worst tournament score on No. 13: The highest, four-round total on the 13th hole during a single Masters is 5-over-par 25. That score had been recorded six times:
  • Herman Barron, 1942 (7,6,7,5)
  • Jerry Barber, 1955 (7,5,7,6)
  • Bob Shearer, 1983 (4,6,10,5)
  • John Huston, 1997 (4,10,4,7)
  • John Daly, 1998 (6,6,4,9)
  • Patrick Cantlay, 2012 (5,6,5,9)

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