Golf Joke: Senior Caddies

Carlos showed up at his golf club one day to discover that the club had begun a program using seniors as caddies. One day a week, the club replaced all its regular caddies with senior citizens.

"It's a new program," the club starter explained. "All the seniors we hired live at the old folks' home down the road. But they are in terrific physical shape, and we're just trying to help them earn a little extra money, get some exercise and stay young."

That sounded like a noble idea to Carlos, so he set off to the first tee with his 75-year-old caddie. When Carlos finished up on No. 18, the starter asked him how it went.

"Well," Carlos said, "my caddie was nice guy and he tried really hard. But his eyes were bad. He just couldn't see far enough to help me find all my shots."

The starter was apologetic. "I'm sorry. Come back next week and I promise I'll get you a caddie who can see just fine."

A week later, Carlos returned. He headed to the first tee, and this time his caddie was 80 years old. Carlos was a little worried, but his concerns disappeared after his first tee shot.

It was booming drive, around 300 yards but a little offline. "Do you have it?" Carlos asked, "I lost it in the sun." "Don't worry," the elderly caddie replied, "I saw exactly where it landed."

Carlos and his caddie started up the fairway in the direction where the old man said he'd seen the ball. But Carlos started to get a little worried when they began wandering a bit, the caddie seemingly unsure of the exact location.

"What's the matter?" Carlos asked, "I thought you said you saw where it went."

"Oh, yes sir, I saw exactly where the ball went," the caddie replied.

"Then where is it?"

The caddie replied, "I forgot."

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