How to Play the Golf Bet Called 'Uglies'

Winning a bet on the golf course is a beautiful thing, even if you are playing the game named Uglies. In Uglies, any hole-out from off the green wins one unit of the bet, or, if you are playing it as a points game, wins the assigned point value.

That's it. Uglies is pretty simple: Hole out from off the green, you win the ugly. At the end of the round, golfers compare and see who has won the most Uglies (or most points, if playing for points), and the bets are paid off.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself: My group rarely holes out from off the green! And this true for most of us. For most groups playing Uglies, it's likely nobody will win. What's the fun in that?

If that describes your group — hole-outs are rare from off the green — you won't want to play Uglies as a standalone bet, but, rather, combine it with a bunch of similar games.

To increase the odds of Uglies being won or earned, you can also stipulate that hole-outs from the fringe (including putts) count. It's a lot easier to knock in a putt from the fringe, after all, than to hole-out a chip shot, pitch shot or approach shot.

See also our definition of Nasties, which another name for the Uglies golf bet.

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