Nasties: Explaining the Golf Game and Side Bet

What, you just holed a shot from off the green? Oh, you nasty boy! That's how you win the golf bet that goes by the name of Nasties.

Also note that Nasties is called Uglies by many golfers.

But Nasties is pretty simple: Any golfer in a group playing Nasties who holes a shot played from off the green wins. There are two things your group needs to clarify to make sure there are no arguments: Do chip-ins played from the fringe count? (Or, to put it another way, is your group calling the fringe "off the green"?) And second, does a putt holed from off the green count for Nasties?

At least in the second case, most groups playing the Nasties bet say no: Using the putter for the hole-out does not count. But it's up to your group to decide how it wants to play the game.

Something else to decide: What is at stake in the Nasties bet? You might decide to play it for money, so that when a golfer wins a "nasty" he wins the agreed upon dollar amount from each of the other golfers in the group.

You can also play Nasties for points and combine it with any number of other games that reward specific achievements with points. These catch-all point games go by various names such as Junk, Dots, Garbage and Trash, and Nasties are often included.

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