How to Play the Strike Three Golf Game

Blow-up holes are something every golfer, even the best golfers sometimes, occasionally suffer. Wouldn't it be great if you could just throw those holes out — not count them in your score?

The golf game called Strike Three lets you do exactly that. Strike Three can be used for a tournament format, or it can played for money or as a side game within a group of golfers.

And it's pretty simple: it's name tells you exactly how Strike Three works. At the end of your round, circle the three highest hole scores ... and toss them out. Strike your three worst scores from your scorecard. Tally up the remaining 15 holes, and that is your Strike Three score.

As a tournament format, that's all there is to it. Low score wins.

As a betting game, golfers can play it exactly the same way — low score from among each golfers' best 15 holes wins the game and wins the pot.

Or golfers in a group can include Strike Three as one of several points games they are playing during the round. In that case, once each golfer has added up his or her score (minus the three worst holes), each stroke difference between the scores is worth a point.

For example, let's say a threesome is playing Strike Three for points and the final 15-hole scores are 65 (Player A), 69 (Player B) and 73 (Player C). Then Player A wins four points from B and eight points from C; Player B wins four points from C and owes four points to A; C owes eight points to A and four points to B.

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