How to Play the 'Honors' Golf Game

Have you heard of the golf game named Honors? We're going to learn how it's played, and the first thing to know is this: Honors is entirely based on who tees off first on each hole during the round — on which golfer or which side has the honor, in other words.

An alternate meaning of "honors" in golf is being the golfer who earned the right to tee off first on a hole. This is done by having the lowest score on the preceding hole, and is called "having the honor."

So there's no surprise that the golf game or golf bet called Honors is based on being that golfer or side who tees off first on a hole. Every time you or your side has the honor on a hole, you earn a point. You (hopefully) accumulate points throughout the round, by earning the honors, keeping the honor, or winning the honor back. And each time you or your side tees off first on a hole, you get a point.

At the end of the round, tally up the points. You can set a value for each point earned (say, one dollar per point), and pay out the differences. Or you can agree before the round that the Honors bet is worth a set amount (say, $5), and pay that amount to the high point earner(s).

But you can't start winning points until the second hole, because the order of play on the first tee is determined randomly. To make up for that, the Honors game also awards a point for an imaginary 19th hole — the golfer or side that would have teed off first on a 19th hole is also awarded a point.

The Honors golf game is also known by the name Appearances.

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