Golfers With the Most PGA Tour Wins in Back-to-Back Years

Which golfers, in PGA Tour history, won the most tournaments in consecutive seasons? We're talking about cumulative wins over two PGA Tour seasons in a row. There have been seven times in tour history when a golfer won at least 17 tournaments over two years, and four golfers account for all seven.

In fact, just two golfers make up the Top 5 in the list below. Byron Nelson won 18 times in 1945, and of course he is one of them. And Ben Hogan won 13 times in 1946. Those are two biggest single-season win totals in PGA Tour history, so naturally Nelson and Hogan dominate the consecutive-season wins record, too.

The List: Most Wins Over 2 Years on PGA Tour

  • 26 wins — Byron Nelson, 1944–1945. Nelson won eight times in 1944 and 18 times in 1945.
  • 24 wins — Byron Nelson, 1945–1946 (18 wins in 1945 plus six wins in 1946)
  • 20 wins — Ben Hogan, 1946–1947 (13 wins in 1946 plus seven wins in 1947)
  • 18 wins — Ben Hogan, 1945–1946 (five wins in 1945 plus 13 wins in 1946)
  • 17 wins — Ben Hogan, 1947–1948 (seven wins in 1947 and 10 wins in 1948)
  • 17 wins — Sam Snead, 1949–1950 (six wins in 1949, 11 wins in 1950)
  • 17 wins — Tiger Woods, 1999–2000 (eight wins in 1999, nine wins in 2000)
No other golfer has won more than 16 tournaments over two, back-to-back PGA Tour seasons. No, not even Jack Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer.

Nicklaus' best two-year total was 14, seven wins in 1972, seven wins in 1973. (Those were the only two years Nicklaus won more than five times in a single PGA Tour season.) Palmer outdoes Nicklaus in this category: Arnie's best consecutive-years total was 15 PGA Tour wins. He had eight in 1962, followed by seven in 1963. (Woods' next-best total, by the way, is 15: eight wins in 2006, seven wins in 2007.)

Note that in the list above, the first six (out of seven total) two-year stretches all happened from 1944 through 1950. Woods is the only golfer on that list who falls outside that date range — a date range from the World War II/post-war era.

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