2017 Walker Cup: USA Dominates

The 2017 Walker Cup resulted in a runaway victory for Team USA. Following this result, the overall standing in the series was 36 wins for Team USA, nine for Team GB&I and one tie.

Final Score: United States 19, Great Britain & Ireland 7

Dates Played: September 9-10, 2017

Location: Los Angeles Country Club in Los Angeles, Calif.

Team Captains: Andrew Ingram (GB&I) and John "Spider" Miller (USA)

Team Rosters: GB&I — David Boote, Jack Davidson, Harry Ellis, Scott Gregory, Matthew Jordan, Paul McBride, Robert MacIntyre, Alfie Plant, Jack Singh Brar, Connor Syme. USA — Cameron Champ, Doug Ghim, Stewart Hagestad, Maverick McNealy, Collin Morikawa, Doc Redman, Scottie Scheffler, Braden Thornberry, Norman Xiong, Will Zalatori.

Notes: The teams split the opening foursomes session 2-2, but after that this Walker Cup belonged to Team USA. ... The Americans won six of the singles matches on Day 1 and seven of the Day 2 singles matches. ... Three Americans — Maverick McNealy, Collin Morikawa and Doug Ghim — compiled 4-0-0 records, something that had never happened before in any Walker Cup.

Day 1 Scores


  • Collin Morikawa/Norman Xiong, USA, def. Harry Ellis/Alfie Plant, GBI, 8 and 7
  • Connor Syme/Paul McBride, GBI, def. Doc Redman/Will Zalatoris, USA, 3 and 2
  • Scott Gregory/Jack Singh Brar, GBI, def. Scottie Scheffler/Cameron Champ, USA, 3 and 2
  • Maverick McNealy/Doug Ghim, USA, def. David Boote/Jack Davidson, GBI, 5 and 4
  • Braden Thornberry, USA, def. Harry Ellis, GBI, 2-up
  • Norman Xiong, USA, def. Connor Syme, GBI, 2 and 1
  • Jack Singh Brar, GBI, def. Stewart Hagestad, USA, 3 and 2
  • Collin Morikawa, USA, def. Paul McBride, GBI, 3 and 2
  • Will Zalatoris, USA, def. Matthew Jordan, GBI, 2-up
  • Robert MacIntyre, GBI, def. Cameron Champ, USA, 6 and 4
  • Doug Ghim, USA def. David Boote, GBI, 2 and 1
  • Maverick McNealy, USA, def. Scott Gregory, GBI, 3 and 1
Day 2 Scores


  • Norman Xiong/Collin Morikawa, USA, def. Connor Syme/Paul McBride, GBI, 2-up
  • Jack Singh Brar/Scott Gregory, GBI, def. Braden Thornberry/Doc Redman, USA, 2-up
  • Will Zalatoris/Cameron Champ, USA, def. David Boote/Jack Davidson, GBI, 6 and 5
  • Doug Ghim/Maverick McNeal, USA, def. Matthew Jordan/Robert McIntyre, GBI, 3 and 2
  • Stewart Hagestad, USA, def. Jack Singh Brar, GBI, 2 and 1
  • Scott Gregory, GBI, halved with Norman Xiong, USA
  • Scottie Scheffler, USA, def. Connor Syme, GBI, 1-up
  • Collin Morikawa, USA, def. Harry Ellis, GBI, 2 and 1
  • Braden Thornberry, USA, def. Paul McBride, GBI, 6 and 5
  • Doug Ghim, USA, def. Matthew Jordan, GBI, 3 and 1
  • Robert MacIntyre, GBI, halved with Cameron Champ, USA
  • Will Zalatoris, USA, def. Jack Davidson, GBI, 3 and 2
  • David Boote, GBI, def. Doc Redman, USA, 1-up
  • Maverick McNealy, USA, def. Alfie Plant, GBI, 4 and 2

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