How to Play the 3 In 1 Golf Format

The golf format named 3 In 1 (or Three in One, if you prefer spelling things out) is a game in which the partners remain the same throughout the round, but the format changes after every six holes. Three scoring formats in one round, hence the name.

3 In 1 is for 2-person teams, and it can be played as a betting game within a group of four golfers, or it can be used as a tournament format for an association tournament, charitable tournament or such.

Here's how it works:

  • On holes 1-6, use Format A.
  • On holes 7-12, switch to Format B.
  • On holes 13-18, on to Format C.
What formats can you use? If you are playing it as a betting game within a group of four, make the formats as simple or as wacky as you want. It's all up to you.

For a 3 In 1 tournament, however, it's best to stick with better-known formats so that everyone understands the scoring.

One common tournament configuration for 3 In 1 is to use better ball, alternate shot and scramble as the scoring methods, such as this:

  • Holes 1-6, better ball
  • Holes 7-12, alternate shot
  • Holes 13-18, 2-man scramble
Just remember: In the 3 In 1 golf format, the partners stay the same throughout, but the scoring format changes every six holes. So don't confuse 3 In 1 with the format known as Round Robin or Sixes, in which the partners change every six holes but the format remains the same throughout.

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