Explaining the Golf Slang Term 'Mouth Wedge"

"Mouth wedge" is a golf slang term that basically means a golfer who talks way too much on the golf course ... or a golfer who talks a much better game than he plays.

Golfer Bob always tells people he's a 6-handicap when, in reality, he's out there shooting 93s all the time? Bob has a mouth wedge. Where did all those extra strokes go that he claims he's not using? He got rid of them by using the ol' mouth wedge. (He's lying, in other words.)

A "mouth wedge" is also the weapon employed by golfers who talk excessively to opponents (to the point of annoying them), or intentionally use zingers, needling or teasing to affect their opponents' play.

The one golfer in your association who just won't shut up on the course? Who rambles on incessantly, just to hear himself talk? That guy has a powerful mouth wedge.

Such a golfer may not be intentionally trying to affect an opponent's game. But if a golfer is the type who makes comments intended to anger or annoy an opponent in the hope it will have a negative impact on their game, then that golfer is using his mouth wedge to try to gain advantage.

Moral of this story: You do not want to be a golfer about whom other golfers say, "This guy carries a mouth wedge."

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