Definition of the Golf Slang Term 'Hand Wedge'

The hand wedge is one of the most powerful tools in a golfer's bag. Alas, it is almost one of the most illegal tools. Because "hand wedge" is a golf slang expression that refers to picking up one's golf ball and putting it in a better spot.

Hand wedge is in the same vein of lingo as mouth wedge and foot wedge. Some golfers prefer the term "hand mashie" to hand wedge. Either one gets the point across.

There's that golfer in your group that all the other golfers know to keep an eye on. Maybe his drive came to rest right behind a big tree, leaving him no shot. Wait — did he just pick up his ball and toss it back into the fairway? By golly, I think he did — he just used his hand wedge.

Clearly, using the hand wedge in any round played under the rules of golf is major violation of those rules. (Unless the golfer is entitled to a free drop or is conducting a penalty drop.)

If your group is not a stickler for the rules, then how the players in your group view the hand wedge is, well, up to the group to decide. If you play only recreational golf, don't care too much about the official rules and want only to have a blast while on the course, then your group might not take a negative view of the hand wedge.

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