18 Other Names, Nicknames and Slang Terms for the Driver

How many slang words for the driver have you heard? We list 18 below, and some of them you definitely know. Others are probably new to you, because they are regional or a bit more obscure.

Most of these alternative names for the driver are terms that carry a sense of either size (the driver being the biggest club in the bag) or oomph (the driver being the longest-hitting club in the bag).

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1. Bangers and mash: Golfer, reaching into his bag for he driver: "Time for a little bangers and mash."

2. Big bopper: The original Big Bopper was the 1950s music star who died in the same plane crash as Buddy Holly. But he had a cool name some golfers had adapted to the driver.

3. Big dog: "Time to let the big dog eat."

4. Big stick

5. Bomber

6. Chief: One golfer to another, "Better not hit the chief here, fairway is narrow and rough is tall."

7. Corker: This probably derives from the similar expression after someone hits a long drive, "she really uncorked that one."

8. Exclamation point: The driver is kinda shaped like an exclamation point (if you squint and use your imagination), and can definitely be used to exclaim.

9. Gavel: As in the judge's tool. "OK, boys, I'm banging the gavel on this hole."

10. Hammer of the gods

11. Lumber

12. Long club: This is one of the original names of the driver back in the distant mists of golf history.

13. 1-wood: Technically, every driver is a 1-wood, followed by the 2-wood, 3-wood, 4-wood and so on. Many drivers are still made with a "1" emblazoned on their soles.

14. Sledgehammer

15. Thunder: Boom, clap, bring down the thunder and crush that driver.

16. Whale: Size matters.

17. Whip stick: Whip it, whip it real good. Crack that whip.

18. Woofa: "Woofa" is Australian slang for a dog, so this is a variation on "big dog."

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