What Ever Happened to Pamela Crikelair of 'The Big Break'?

Pamela Crikelair was on two seasons of The Big Break, competing the second time as Pamela Garrity

On the third season of the Golf Channel series The Big Break — which was called Big Break III: Ladies Only — the championship match came down to Danielle Amiee and Pamela Crikelair. Two golfers who didn't appear to like each other very much.

We've written about what happened to Danielle Amiee. But what happened to Pam Crikelair? She's no longer in golf — today Pam is a real estate agent in Connecticut.

Pam Was On 'The Big Break' Twice

Pamela Crikelair made the championship match on Big Break III: Ladies Only, where she lost to Amiee. That series aired in 2005.

Two years later, Pam was back for Big Break VII: Reunion, which aired in 2007. But she was no longer Pamela Crikelair by that point — Pam had gotten married. She was Pamela Garrity on Big Break VII.

Pam had also given up competitive tournament golf by that point, although she was still involved in the long-drive circuit.

In Episode 7 of Big Break VII, Pam quit the show after clashing with some of the other cast members. It was an ironic end after the then-Crikelair played (or was given by series producers, anyway) the "good cop" role to Amiee's "villain" on Big Break III.

Pamela (Crikelair) Garrity After 'The Big Break'

As noted, by the time of her second appearance as a Big Break cast member, Pam had already stopped playing competitive tournament golf, although she was still sometimes competing in long-drive events.

By the time Big Break VII aired in 2007, Crikelair had begun taking real estate classes. And today, that is what Pamela Garrity is: a real estate agent with a company in Connecticut. She is fully retired from golf, except for casual rounds. She and her husband, Ryan, have four children.

In 2015, Pam was inducted into the Byram Hills Central School District Athletic Hall of Fame in Armonk, New York. But golf wasn't her game then: She was all-state four years in skiing, and also started every game the school played, all four years, in field hockey and lacrosse.

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