Big Break VII: Reunion At Reunion

Tommy Gainey won Big Break VII Reunion

Big Break VII: Reunion at Reunion was the seventh season of the Golf Channel competition series The Big Break, in which golfers competed in skills challenges and golf matches, with golfer(s) eliminated each week. Big Break VII: Reunion aired in 2007, with the series premiere televised on February 25, 2007.

The series' name — Reunion at Reunion, or just Reunion for short — derived from the fact that the cast members were all golfers who had appeared on previous seasons of The Big Break, and from its taping location: Reunion Resort & Club in Orlando, Florida.

Vince Cellini and Stephanie Sparks were the television hosts for the series.

Cast Members on 'Big Break VII: Reunion at Reunion'

We'll list the golfers who competed on Big Break VII two ways, first alphabetically:
  • Nikki DiSanto, The Big Break V: Hawaii
  • Don Donatello, The Big Break II
  • Mark Farnham, The Big Break I
  • Mike Foster Jr., The Big Break II
  • Tommy Gainey, The Big Break IV: USA vs. Europe
  • Edoardo Gardino, The Big Break IV
  • Pamela (Crikelair) Garrity, The Big Break III: Ladies Only
  • Ashley Gomes, The Big Break VI: Trump National
  • David Gunas Jr., The Big Break II
  • Kim Lewellen, The Big Break V
  • Laura London, The Big Break VI
  • Cindy Miller, The Big Break III
  • Kelly Murray, The Big Break VI
  • Valeria Ochoa, The Big Break III
  • Gary Ostrega, The Big Break VI
  • Briana Vega, The Big Break VI
And now by their original season of The Big Break:
  • Big Break I: Mark Farnham
  • Big Break II: Don Donatello, Mike Foster, David Gunas
  • Big Break III: Pamela (Crikelair) Garrity, Cindy Miller, Valeria Ochoa
  • Big Break IV: Tommy Gainey, Eddie Gardino
  • Big Break V: Nikki DiSanto, Kim Lewellan
  • Big Break VI: Ashley Gomes, Laura London, Kelly Murray, Gary Ostrega, Bri Vega

'Big Break VII: Reunion' Winner

The series champion was Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey (pictured at top). This season of The Big Break began with the players split into two-person teams (one man, one woman). When eight players remained, the team format was abandoned and the competition became each player against the field.

When only three competitions remained, those three played a 9-hole, stroke-play elimination match. The final three were Gainey, Ashley Gomes and Mike Foster Jr. After nine holes, Foster was eliminated.

Gainey and Gomes continued as the final two, playing nine holes of match play. Gainey was in control from the start, going 2-up by the second hole. He claimed the title on the seventh hole when Ashley missed a par putt, giving Gainey the 3-and-2 victory.

What Gainey Won: Gainey earned entry into the 2007 Nationwide Tour Cox Classic as his big prize. He also won a vehicle, an endorsement contract with Adams Golf, and $50,000 in cash and credit.

How Gainey Did In His Exemption: He did great! Gainey tied for eighth place, posting scores of 68, 66, 67 and 65, finishing at 18-under 266. He earned $17,550 for that finish.

Where Is Gainey Today? In 2020, Gainey had membership on the Korn Ferry Tour. In the years since his Big Break VII championship, Gainey spent several years on the PGA Tour and the rest on the Nationwide/ Ferry Tour. He has three career wins on the Korn Ferry Tour and one on the PGA Tour, with career earnings (through the 2019-20 season) of $6,371,798.

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