What Ever Happened to Nikki DiSanto of 'The Big Break'?

Nikki DiSanto as she appeared on The Big Break

Where is Nikki DiSanto today? That's the question we answer below. DiSanto appeared on two different seasons of The Big Break, the Golf Channel competition series. While she didn't fare well in either series, Nikki made an impression on viewers: Her background going into the show was as a model and a long-drive competitor, and she seemed to approach golf in a very New Age-y kind of way.

DiSanto on 'The Big Break'

Nikki DiSanto appeared in two seasons of The Big Break: First on Big Break V: Hawaii and then on Big Break VII: Reunion at Reunion.

Big Break V: Hawaii aired in 2006 after shooting in late 2005. The all-female cast appeared in a swimsuit calendar after the show aired. DiSanto entered the series as the least-experienced golfer among the cast. While she had competed in long-drive contests, she had not, to that point, played any tournament golf. She was the second golfer eliminated, in Episode 3.

Break VII: Reunion at Reunion aired in 2007. This was the series that some might remember for a very strong flirtation (or at least what was portrayed as one) between Nikki and fellow contestant Edoardo Gardino. That season of The Big Break began with two-person teams, and Nikki was partnered by Kelly Murray. Nikki and Kelly were eliminated in Episode 5, the fourth team ousted.

Where Nikki DiSanto Is Today

According to various sources (including her website and social media pages), Nikki is still involved in two of the things she's always been involved in: golf, and on-camera work. She's involved in golf through teaching, and her website (which we accessed through the Wayback Machine because it is not always online) states that Nikki especially enjoys "teaching the game of golf to youth."

Her Facebook page lists her current occupations as "TV Host at SAG-AFTRA" and "Athletic Trainer at Being Fat Sucks."

SAG-AFTRA is the Screen Actors Guild—American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. In addition to appearing on The Big Break, DiSanto has had several acting jobs, including appearing in an episode of CSI. She has also done commercial work, including one for the USGA.

The unfortunately fat-shaming-named Being Fat Sucks is a web series that follows multiple people as they try to lose weight. Nikki appears in many fitness videos on the series' YouTube Channel.

In 2015-16, Nikki had a very public (making-out-on-the-red-carpet public) romance with pro surfing Hall-of-Famer Keala Kennelly. Nikki has also published poetry and other forms of creating writing.

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