Most Career Cuts Made on the PGA Tour

Which golfer holds the record for making the most cuts on the PGA Tour? The answer is Jay Haas, and Haas made the cut in more tournaments than Sam Snead or Jack Nicklaus even played in.

Haas, late in his career, broke the record previously held by Tom Kite. Haas is credited with 592 cuts made in PGA Tour tournaments for his career. That's out of 799 starts, so Haas made the cut in 74-percent of tournaments he played on the tour.

Haas is Exhibit A for the qualities a golfer needs to make the list that appears below: He played a lot of tournaments every year, he was good enough to make the cut in most of his starts (good enough to win nine PGA Tour events), and he played for a very long time. Consider that for a golfer to break Haas' record, he'd have to average (approximately) 20 cuts per year for 30 years.

As noted, Haas made 799 starts in official PGA Tour tournaments. The only golfer who made more was Mark Brooks, who holds the record with 803 starts in PGA Tour tournaments. For a sense of how impressive Haas' record of 592 cuts made is, consider that Brooks made "only" 430 cuts, 162 fewer than Haas in roughly the same number of starts. Brooks had seven career wins, two fewer than Haas, but, unlike Haas, won a major — the 1996 PGA Championship. Yet Haas was the far more consistent player over time.

Haas' last made cut was at the 2022 Zurich Classic of New Orleans, when he was 68 years old. In making that cut, Haas set a record as oldest golfer to make a cut on the PGA Tour.

The List: Golfers With Most PGA Tour Cuts Made

  • 592 cuts — Jay Haas, out of 799 starts (74-percent cuts made). His first made cut was in the 1973 Greater Greensboro Open (finished 61st); his last at the 2022 Zurich Classic of New Orleans (tied 36th).
  • 590 cuts — Tom Kite, out of 714 starts (83-percent cuts made). First made cut, 1971 Masters (tied 42nd); last at 2005 Booz Allen Classic (tied 13th).
  • 582 cuts — Raymond Floyd, out of 726 starts (80-percent cuts made). First made cut, 1963 Lucky International Open (tied 57th); last, 1999 Masters (tied 38th).
  • 574 cuts — Arnold Palmer, out of 703 starts (82-percent cuts made). First made cut, 1949 Dapper Dan Open (54th); last, 1993 Nestle Invitational (tied 71st).
  • 571 cuts — Davis Love III, out of 790 starts (72-percent cuts made). First cut made, 1986 Andy Williams Open (tied 23rd); last, 2021 RSM Classic (68th).
  • 566 cuts — Gene Littler, out of 647 starts (87-percent cuts made). First cut made, 1950 Los Angeles Open (tied 46th); last, 1985 Andy Williams San Diego Open (74th).
  • 560 cuts — Doug Ford, out of 744 starts (75-percent cuts made). First in 1941, last in 1981.

We mentioned at the top that the record-holder, Haas, made more cuts than either Sam Snead or Jack Nicklaus made starts. To complete that comparison, Snead made 527 cuts out of 585 tournaments played (90-percent cuts made). Nicklaus made 495 cuts out of 584 tournaments played (85-percent).

We'll finish by adding in a few more golfers you might be wondering about. Ben Hogan, his number of starts vastly reduced due to injury, made 293 cuts in 300 starts (98-percent). Tom Watson made 501 cuts in 619 starts (81-percent). Gary Player made 384 cuts in 449 starts (86-percent). And Tiger Woods, through the 2023 Masters, made 338 cuts in 373 starts (91-percent).

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