How to Play the Dunce Cap Golf Game

Dunce Cap is the name of a game for a group of golf buddies who love giving each other the needle. Because in Dunce Cap, one of your group is likely to suffer a little embarrassment on each hole.

Dunce Cap is simple: When a member of your group is the outright loser of a hole, he or she has to wear the "dunce cap." And that golfer has to keep the dunce cap on until someone else is the outright loser of a hole. Then the cap passes to the next golfer.

Exactly what is the dunce cap? It can be a literal dunce cap: those conical-shaped hats with the word "dunce" written on them. But it's up to your group. And since the point of Dunce Cap is for friends to jab and joke and jape about how badly one of them just messed up a hole, many groups search out the biggest, gaudiest, most-embarrasing-to-wear-on-a-golf-course hat they can find.

That might mean the literal dunce cap; a silly beanie with a propeller on top; a giant hat like the fancy women wear to the Kentucky Derby; a "fascinator" like the royals wear; or whatever.

On the first hole, nobody wears the hat because nobody has lost a hole yet. Let's say on the second hole Golfer A scores 5, B 5, C has a 6 and D has a 6. There is no outright loser of the hole, so the hat goes unworn.

But maybe on the third hole Golfer C hits into water and then 3-putts and winds up with a 7, while A, B and D all had sixes or better. Golfer C is the outright loser of the hole, so Golfer C has to put on the "dunce cap" — and wear it until someone else loses a hole.

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