Most Career Wins on the Ladies European Tour

Who has the most career wins on the Ladies European Tour? That golfer who is No. 1 on the list below is Laura Davies, and she has more than twice at many LET victories as the golfer in second place.

The list of career wins leaders on the Ladies European Tour is fairly short, compared to our list of LPGA Tour career wins leaders — fewer golfer have reached double-digit victories. Why is that? First, the LET is a much-younger tour — its inaugural season was in 1979. Second, the LET has usually played fewer tournaments (sometimes many fewer) per season than the LPGA. Also, when a golfer becomes very successful on the LET, she is very likely to try to move up to the LPGA Tour, which is the worst's highest-level pro tour for women golfers. Davies is one of the rare golfers who maintained very active schedules on both the LPGA and LET over the years.

These are the number of golfers who've hit several LET victory milestones:

  • One golfer has won at least 25 LET events.
  • Six golfers have won at least 15 LET tournaments.
  • 13 golfers have posted 11 or more wins on the LET.

The List: Most Wins on Ladies European Tour

Golfer Wins Span
Laura Davies 45 1985-2010
Dale Reid 21 1980-91
Marie-Laure de Lorenzi 19 1987-97
Trish Johnson 19 1987-2014
Annika Sorenstam 17 1995-2008
Sophie Gustafson 16 1996-2011
Gwladys Nocera 14 2006-15
Catherine Panton-Lewis 14 1979-88
Corinne Dibnah 13 1986-94
Alison Nicholas 12 1987-96
Liselotte Neumann 11 1985-95
Helen Alfredsson 11 1990-2008
Lee-Anne Pace 11 2010-2022

(Note: "Span" shows the years of a golfer's first LET win and her last or most-recent victory.)

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