Golf Joke: The Heifer

Brandon staggered into a hospital emergency room, badly battered and bruised. A nurse and a doctor rushed over to help him to an examining room.

"How did you receive these injuries?" the doctor asked.

"I was playing golf with my wife," Brandon replied.

The doctor was incredulous. "How could you possibly have been injured this severely playing golf with your wife?" he asked.

Brandon explained what happened. He and his wife both hit their tee shots on the first hole off line. "I hooked mine into the woods, left," Brandon said, "while my wife hit a huge slice that flew into a cow pasture on the right side of the hole."

After Brandon found his ball and hit it back into the fairway, he explained, he went to help his wife locate her tee shot.

"I was walking around amongst the cows," Brandon explained, "when I spotted something white on the backside of a heifer. I went over to it and lifted its tail, and sure enough, my wife's ball had lodged right in the heifer's posterior!

"So I pointed at the heifer's backside and yelled over to my wife, 'Hey, honey, this looks like yours.' "

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