Golf Joke: Not Trying That Shot Again!

Barney and his friend Hector were playing a round of golf with their wives early on a Sunday. It was a four-ball, better-ball format with a little bit of cash on the line.

Barney stood on the 10th tee having hooked his previous three tee shots, and to no one's surprise he hooked his drive again. When he found his ball, it was next to one of the greenskeeper's buildings. His wife advised him to play the next shot through a narrow gap between the side of the greenskeeper's building and some tree branches.

"I can't do that," Barney said. "Look how narrow that gap is!" But his wife was persistent in urging him on, and she persuaded Barney to attempt the risky shot.

So Barney took a mighty swing and struck the ball. The ball caromed off a tree branch, richocheted off the building and hit his wife in the head. Tragically, the blow knocked her stone-cold dead.

A month after the funeral, Barney and another friend, Vikram, were playing a round at the same golf course. Barney teed up the ball on No. 10 and hit the exact same shot as a month earlier. He found his ball in the same spot, and once again his partner advised him to hit through the gap.

"No way," Barney said. "I can't hit that shot."

"Why not?" Vikram asked him.

"Well," Barney replied, "you know what happened last time."

"No, I don't," said Vikram. "What happened?"

"Well, last time I tried that shot," Barney said, "I made a double bogey!"

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