Do Golfers Who Miss the Cut in The Masters Get Paid?

Making it into the field at The Masters Tournament is a routine thing for the best golfers, and the thrill of a career for many others. But for all of them, big money awaits for a victory or high finish. But what about for those golfers who miss the cut? Do they get paid? What is the Masters payout, if any, for golfers who miss the cut?
  • First question: Do Masters players who miss the cut get paid? Yes. Every golfer in the field at The Masters Tournament (with the exception of the amateurs, of course) goes home with money. Even those golfers who miss the 36-hole cut and don't get to stick around for the final two rounds still get a payout from the tournament prize fund.

  • Second question: OK, then how much money do golfers get after missing the Masters cut? In 2023 (and for years prior) the payout to golfers who miss the cut in The Masters was $10,000.
So there you have it: Yes, Masters golfers get paid even when they miss the cut, and that payment currently is $10,000 per golfer.

That $10,000 payout is the same for all golfers who miss the cut. It doesn't matter what any of their scores are. A golfer who scores 72-73—145 to miss the cut gets the same $10,000 as the golfer who misses the cut with 78-80—158.

Now, $10,000 is a good amount of money for most of us for several days' work. How does it compare to the payouts to those golfers who make the cut in The Masters? Not well! Nor should it (at most professional golf tournaments, missing the cut means no payment at all). In 2023, the Masters champion received more than $3.2million. And the golfer who made the cut but then finished in last place was paid $45,060.

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