Golf Joke: No Advice

A young man, his father and his grandfather were about to tee off to start their round when an incredibly good-looking woman walked up to the tee box.

"Would you like to join us and make a foursome?" asked the grandfather.

"I would, but on one condition," replied the beautiful young woman. "Every time I've joined a group of men on the golf course, they constantly try to give me advice on my game. Do you promise you won't throw a constant barrage of advice and tips at me while we play?"

The men all consented in unison, none of them being particularly good players.

But as they soon found out, this woman was a fabulous golfer. She was making pars and birdies, with just a couple bogeys. The men were wondering who would have the nerve to give her advice!

On the eighteenth hole, the woman found herself facing a 35-foot putt, with a severe undulation on the green. She studied it, and studied it, and studied it.

Finally, she said, "Gentlemen, I'm very happy that none of you tried to give me advice before this. I've never played a round with men when at least one of them didn't try to give me some advice. Right now, if I make this putt, I'll finish at even-par for the round, and I'm asking for your advice. If you help me read this putt, and I sink it, I'll sleep with each one of you!"

The young man rushed over, studied the putt, and said, "You have to aim for that small bush to the left of the hole, that should be the right break!"

The father ran over and studied the putt, then said, "No, I think you should aim at the knot on the log to the left of the hole, and that will be the right break!"

The grandfather walked up to the ball. "Heck," he said, calmly picking up the ball, "that's a gimme."

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