Brothers-Sisters, Husbands-Wives Who Played Walker Cup/Curtis Cup

The Walker Cup and Curtis Cup are, by far, the highest-profile competitions for male and female amateur golfers, respectively, in the golf world. Have a brother and sister ever both played in them? What about a husband and wife — are there any married couples in which the husband was a Walker Cup player and the wife was a Curtis Cup player? In both cases, the answer is yes.

The Walker Cup is for male amateur golfers, the Curtis Cup is for women amateur golfers. In both cases, the competitions feature United States vs. Great Britain & Ireland match play.

Brothers-and-Sisters Who Played Walker Cup/Curtis Cup

So far there are five brother-and-sister pairs in which both siblings represented their country in the Walker Cup/Curtis Cup.
  • The Bonallacks, GB&I: Michael Bonallack is one of the most decorated amateur golfers in the game. He played in the Walker Cup in 1957, 1959, 1961, 1963, 1965, 1967, 1969, 1971 and 1973, with an overall record of 8-14-3. His 25 matches played are the GB&I record and second overall in Walker Cup history (Jay Sigel, 33). Sally Bonallack played in the 1962 Curtis Cup, and when she did the Bonallacks became the first brother-sister duo to make this list.
  • The Moodys, USA: Griff Moody played in the 1979 Walker Cup and Terri Moody played in the 1980 Curtis Cup. Terri was 1-0-1 in her tournament, Griff 1-2 in his.
  • The Kuehnes, USA: Kelli Kuehne played in the 1996 Curtis Cup; Trip Kuehne played in the 1995, 2003 and 2007 Walker Cups. Kelli's record was 2-1-0. In his three appearances, Trip was 2-7-1. Along with brother Hank Kuehne, Kelli and Trip also appear on the list of family members who won USGA championships.
  • The Mackenzies, USA: The 2003 Walker Cup roster for Team USA included Brock Mackenzie. In the 2006 Curtis Cup, his sister Paige Mackenzie made the team. Brock went 3-0-0 in his appearance, while Paige had a 3-1-0 record. The Mackenzie siblings' combined 6-1-0 record is the best among the families represented on this page.
  • The Thompsons, USA: Nick Thompson played in the 2005 Walker Cup and Lexi Thompson played in the 2010 Curtis Cup. Nick was 1-1-0 in his appearance, while Lexi went 4-0-1 in 2010.

Husbands and Wives Who Played Walker Cup/Curtis Cup

So far, there is only one husband-and-wife couple in which both represented their countries in the Walker Cup/Curtis Cup. And it's a family name we've already seen.
  • The Bonallacks, GB&I: Michael Bonallack appears in the brother-sister list with sister Sally. He also makes the husband-wife list with wife Angela. Michael and Angela Ward had each already played in one Cup — the 1957 Walker Cup for Michael, the 1956 Curtis Cup for Angela — when they got married in early 1958. Now Angela Bonallack, she went on to the play in the Curtis Cups of 1958, 1960, 1962, 1964 and 1966. (That means Angela and her sister-in-law Sally were teammates in 1962.) Angela's overall record was 6-8-1; she was 4-3 in foursomes and 2-5-1 in singles. (Michael's record is listed in the brother-sister section.)
We'd be remiss if we didn't give an honorable mention to the Becks, John B. Beck and Dorothy Beck. John played in several Walker Cups, but Dorothy never played in a Curtis Cup. So why mention them? Because both captained in their respective competitions. John captained the GB&I side in the 1938 and 1947 Walker Cups, Dorothy captained GB&I in the 1954 Curtis Cup. They are the only husband-and-wife to both captain in the Walker Cup/Curtis Cup.

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