Golf Joke: The Water Ball and the 17th Hole

Like many recreational golfers, Jason always did one thing before attempting to play a shot over water: He switched to a water ball. He replaced the nice, newer ball he was using with a beat-up, older ball — a golf ball he didn't care about losing if he hit it into the water.

And then Jason got the opportunity to play TPC Sawgrass, where the pros play The Players Championship. That's the course with the very-famous "island green" on the 17th hole.

All Jason hoped for leading up to his round was to be able to successfully hit the green on the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass. But, lacking confidence over water, when he reached the 17th tee he swapped out his good ball for an older, nicked-up water ball.

But this time, Jason also did something else — he said a silent prayer. "Dear Lord, please help me get this ball over the water and onto the green. If anyone has the power to help me, you do."

Then he teed up his water ball and prepared to swing. But before he could hit the ball, a powerful voice from above seemed to be booming out from the clouds, saying:

"Wait! Replace that old ball with a brand new one."

Had his prayer worked? Was God going to help him clear the water? It was either God, or at least one of the golf gods, speaking to him, Jason believed.

So he reached into his golf bag and took out a bright, shiny — costly — new golf ball. Jason removed his water ball from the tee and placed the new ball on the peg.

As he stepped up to the tee once more, the voice came down again:

"Wait. Step back. Take a practice swing."

So Jason stepped back and took a practice swing, certain now that this heavenly force was going to make his dream come true.

The voice boomed out again:

"Take another practice swing."

Dutifully, he did. He stopped expectantly and waited. A long silence followed ...

Then the voice boom out again:

"Switch back to the water ball."

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