Gleneagles Hotel Foursomes Golf Tournament

The Gleneagles Hotel Foursomes tournament was a match-play golf tournament in Scotland from the early 1950s through the mid-1960s. It paired a professional tour golfer with a top amateur player.

First played: 1953

Last played: 1966

In the Gleneagles Hotel Foursomes, it was up to the professional on the team to select his amateur partner. And the amateurs were not celebrities, they were the top amateurs of the day.

The most-prominent amateur winner was Irish legend Joe Carr, who partnered Harry Bradshaw to vicory in 1955. Carr was also part of the runner-up team in 1963. George Will and Martin Christmas were also winning amateurs before moving on to their professional careers.

Among the pros, only Brian Huggett recorded more than one win. He was partnered by Christmas in 1961 and by Michael Burgess in 1965. Huggett (with Burgess) also reached the championship match in 1962.

In the tournament's final year, 59-year-old Henry Cotton — a three-time British Open winner who hadn't won on the British PGA circuit in 12 years — reached the championship match with partner Peter Benka. But they lost to the team of Alex Caygill/Bernard Cawthray.

Also known as: Gleneagles-Saxone Foursomes

Winners of the Gleneagles Hotel Foursomes

1953 — Bernard Hunt/Stewart Ross def. Dai Rees/G. Dixon, 2 and 1
1954 — Bill Branch/Donald Cameron def. Lambert Topping/Jack Taylor, 1-up
1955 — Harry Bradshaw/Joe Carr def. Syd Scott/W. Sharp, 4 and 3
1956 — John Panton/W. Alexander def. Jimmy Martin/Joseph Foley-Brickley, 2 and 1
1957 — Eric Brown/George Will def. Eric Lester/A. Hill, 1-up (19 holes)
1958 — Donald Swaelens/Ian McDonald def. Peter Alliss/Harold Ridgley, 4 and 3
1959 — Tom Haliburton/Bill Igoe def. Dave Thomas/Alan Thirlwell, 7 and 5
1960 — Dai Rees/Bill Glennie def. Ian Smith/Harry Bentley, 2-up
1961 — Brian Huggett/Martin Christmas def. John Panton/D. Mackintosh, 3 and 1
1962 — Christy O'Connor Sr./Noel Fogarty def. Brian Huggett/Michael Burgess, 3 and 2
1963 — Peter Butler/David Kelley def. John Jacobs/Joe Carr, 2-up
1964 — Ken Bousfield/Keith Warren def. Malcolm Gregson/Michael Burgess, 6 and 5
1965 — Brian Huggett/Michael Burgess def. Tony Coop/Ben Crabtree, 4 and 3
1966 — Alex Caygill/Bernard Cawthray def. Henry Cotton/Peter Benka, 3 and 2

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