These Are All the Father-and-Son Winners in PGA Tour History

Golfer Bill Haas is part of a father son winner pair on the PGA Tour

How many father-and-son tandems in the history of the PGA Tour have both recorded tournament wins? So far, there have been 10 such duos, and they include a few very big names in golf history.

A couple of the earliest father-son winners even both won major championships. But aside from those early British Open dynasties, the Morrises and Parks, there have not yet been any other father-son tandems in which both golfers won majors.

Have there been any three-generation PGA Tour winners (a grandfather/father/son)? Not yet. But there has been one grandfather-and-grandson pair who've both won: grandfather Mike Turnesa and grandson Marc Turnesa.

The List: Father-Son PGA Tour Winners

Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris

Tom and Tommy, better remembered today as Old Tom and Young Tom, are the earliest entries on the list of PGA Tour father-son winners. But wait, you say, the PGA Tour didn't even exist when the Morrises were winning British Opens in the 1860s and 1870s. That's correct, of course, but today the PGA Tour recognizes all winners of major championships, even those of the British Opens and U.S. Opens played prior to the founding of the PGA Tour, as tour winners.

That's why the Morrises make this list, as well as the Parks, who follow.

As for the Morrises, father Tom Sr. was a four-time winner of the British Open, and son Tom Jr. was also a four-time winner of the Open Championship.

Willie Park and Willie Park Jr.

The Parks and Morrises were great rivals in their time. Willie Sr. also won four Open Championships. When Willie Jr. won the 1887 British Open, he joined his old man. And Willie Jr. won a second Open title, too. There is even a third Open champion in the family: Mungo Park, nephew of Willie Sr. and cousin of Willie Jr., won one, too.

Joe Kirkwood Sr. and Joe Kirkwood Jr.

When Joe Kirkwood Sr. won the 1923 California Open, he became the first Australian winner on the PGA Tour. His son's first win was at the 1949 Philadelphia Inquirer Open. Joe Sr. won 13 PGA Tour titles, Joe Jr. had three.

Both also became famous for something other than tournament golf: the father as the first golfer to tour as a trick-shot artist; the son as an actor, portraying boxer Joe Palooka in 11 movies and a television series (affiliate link) of the 1940s and 1950s.

Jack Burke Sr. and Jack Burke Jr.

The senior Burke's first PGA Tour win was the 1925 Texas PGA Championship, and the junior Burke's first was the 1950 Rio Grande Valley Open. Both are members of the Texas Golf Hall of Fame, and junior — often called Jackie — is also in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

The father had only that one PGA Tour win, but was also runner-up in the 1920 U.S. Open. Jackie Burke had 16 PGA Tour wins, including the Masters and PGA Championship in 1956.

Clayton Heather and Vance Heafner

The first father-son winners on the PGA Tour who were not simply Senior and Junior. Father Clayton first won the 1941 Mahoning Open, had four PGA Tour wins, made two Ryder Cup teams, and was runner-up in two U.S. Opens. Son Vance won once on the PGA Tour, at the 1981 Walt Disney World National Team Championship.

Julius Boros and Guy Boros

Father Julius Boros first won at the 1952 U.S. Open, and last won at the 1968 Westchester Classic at the age of 48. That was one month after he had become the oldest winner of a major (a record he still holds) at the 1968 PGA Championship. Julius Boros won 18 times total, including a second U.S. Open in 1963. Guy Boro was a one-time winner on the PGA Tour at the 1996 Greater Vancouver Open.

Al Geiberger and Brent Geiberger

Father Al was the first player in PGA Tour history to record a 59 in tournament play, which he did en route to victory at the 1977 Danny Thomas Memphis Classic. That was one of Al's 11 PGA Tour victories, which also include the 1966 PGA Championship. His first tour win was the 1962 Ontario Open Invitational. Son Brent Geiberger won twice on the PGA Tour, first at the Canon Greater Hartford Open.

Jay Haas and Bill Haas

Of all the post-1900 father-son duos on this list, the Haases are probably closest to each other in ability and career achievements. Father Jay won nine PGA Tour titles, son Bill has six. Jay made multiple Ryder Cup teams, Bill made multiple Presidents Cup teams, and Bill played on the 2015 Presidents Cup team captained by Jay. Neither won a major, but Bill won the Tour Championship and FedEx Cup title in 2011.

Jay's first PGA Tour win was the 1978 Andy Williams-San Diego Open Invitational, Bill's was the 2010 Bob Hope Classic.

Craig Stadler and Kevin Stadler

Father Craig's first PGA Tour win was at the 1980 Bob Hope Desert Classic, but his biggest was the 1982 Masters Championship. The 1991 Tour Championship is also among Craig's 13 PGA Tour wins. Son Kevin's lone win on the tour was the 2014 Phoenix Open. The Stadlers, by the way, also each recorded wins on the European Tour.

Bob Tway and Kevin Tway

Father Bob was an eight-time PGA Tour winner, including the 1986 PGA Championship. His first tour win was the 1986 Andy Williams Open. Son Kevin's first tour win was the 2018 Safeway Open.

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