Record for Most Consecutive Holes Without a Bogey in Pro Golf

Jin Young Ko holds the record for consecutive holes without a bogey
Even for the best golfers on the planet, bogeys are common. Golf is hard! But in the history of the world's top pro golf tours, there are two remarkable streaks of bogey-free holes that reached 110 holes and more.

That means those two golfers each played at least 110 holes in tour events scoring only pars and better. No bogeys, double bogeys or worse.

A four-round tournament is 72 holes. So playing 110 or more holes in a row without a bogey is the equivalent of going more than one-and-half tournaments making only pars and better. That's impressive!

The two record-holders are Tiger Woods, who set the record in 2000; and Jin Young Ko, who broke Tiger's record in 2019. (Ko, by the way, also holds the LPGA record for consecutive rounds in the 60s.)

One caveat to this record category: It concerns the longest-known consecutive-holes-at-par-or-better streaks. The keeping and tracking of scorecards (beyond the events in which they were recorded) is more and more lacking the farther back in golf history you go.

Longest Bogey-Free Streaks (Par or Better)

114 Holes, Jin Young Ko, LPGA Tour, 2019

Jin Young Ko took over the top spot in this record category during the 2019 LPGA Tour season. She made a bogey early in the third round of the Women's British Open, then played (and won) the CP Women's Open with nothing worse than a par.

Finally, on the ninth hole of the Cambia Portland Classic, Ko made a bogey. That ended her streak at 114 bogey-free holes in a row.

Ko actually sounded a little relieved when the streak ended:

"I did 114 holes and then done. It's cool. So I want to do again, 115 holes bogey-free round hopefully. But yeah, I'm free. I can focus more on my shot and don't even think about, oh, bogey, bogey, no."

The longest-known previous bogey-free streak on the LPGA Tour was 93 holes by Inbee Park in 2015.

Tiger Woods, 110 Holes, PGA Tour, 2000

Before Ko reached 114 holes, the longest-known bogey-free streak on the world golf tours was 110 holes by Tiger Woods in his historic 2000 PGA Tour season. That's the year he won three consecutive majors and left his competitors in the dust.

Woods' 110-hole streak comprised the final 51 holes of the Canadian Open and the first 59 holes of the National Car Rental Classic at Disney World.

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