Playing the Bogey or Bust Golf Game

Bogey or Bust is the name of a golf game that is most often played as a side bet by buddies in a group of four, or as a bonus pool within a tournament.

Either way, as the name implies, in Bogey or Bust the object of the game is making no worse than a bogey on each hole. Once you make a double bogey or worse, you've busted out of the game. (Low handicappers can play the same game using par, rather than bogey, as the highest allowable score. In that case, the game is called Par or Out.)

Bogey or Bust as a Side Game

Bogey or Bust is most commonly played as a side game to another format. Say a group of four golfers are playing stroke play amongst themselves. As a side bet, they add Bogey or Bust, each adding the agreed-upon dollar amount to the pot.

Whichever of the four goes the longest without making a double bogey or higher wins the Bogey or Bust side pot.

Bogey or Bust In a Golf Tournament

A golf tournament can also set up a Bogey or Bust bonus pool within a golf tournament. The idea is exactly the same: the golfers in the tournament play their rounds according to whatever format tournament organizers have set up.

But in addition to the overall tournament competition, the Bogey or Bust side game is also running. And the last golfer in the tournament to make worse than bogey wins the bonus pool.

You can also set up a Bogey or Bust tournament so that this game is the entire object of the tournament: golfers literally stop playing after making a bogey or worse. This version greatly speeds up completion of the tournament, but also results in many golfers stopping play very soon into the round — maybe even after the first hole.

More formats and bets:

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