How to Play the 2-1-1 Golf Game

2-1-1 is the name of a golf game for a group of four golfers who pair off into two-player teams. The 2-1-1 in the title of the game refers to the number of points available to be won on each hole. (Hence, 2-1-1 is also known — probably more commonly known — as 4-Points or the 4-Point Game.)

The 2-1-1 game is played at stroke play with each of the four golfers playing his or her own ball throughout.

Here's how those four points break down in 2-1-1:

  • 2 points goes to the better score of the two sides' low balls;
  • 1 point goes to the better score of the two sides' high balls;
  • 1 point goes to the better total score between the two sides.
Let's say that Team 1 consists of Golfers A and B, while Team 2 consists of Golfers C and D. On the first hole, the scores are 4 for A, 7 for B, 5 for C and 6 for D.

What are the low balls for each side? A's 4 and C's 5. And four is lower than five, so Golfer A's 4 earns two points for Team 1.

Now, what are the high balls for each side? B's 7 and D's 6, and six beats seven so Golfer D earns one point for Team 2.

And the team totals in this example? They are tied at 11. In the event of ties in 2-1-1, no points are awarded. So the point for better team score goes unawarded in this example.

And that's how the 2-1-1 golf game works.

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