The Cut Rule at the U.S. Women's Open Explained

What is the cut rule at the U.S. Women's Open — how many golfers make the cut? The cut at this major championship is to 60 golfers plus ties.

The U.S. Women's Open is one of the five major championships of women's professional golf. It is a four-round (72-hole) tournament. Like most four-round tournaments on pro tours, this one has a cut after the second round (after 36 holes), at the mid-way point.

In the U.S. Women's Open, 156 golfers start the tournament. Following the second round, those 156 are cut to just 60 plus ties. Those top 60 golfers (plus anyone tied for 60th place) continue on to the third and fourth rounds. Those golfers who failed to make the cut (who were lower than 61st place after two rounds) are done playing and go home.

So, to reiterate: The cut at the U.S. Women's Open is to the top 60 golfers plus ties following the second round.

What does the "plus ties" part of it mean? Say there are six golfers tied for 60th place. All six of those make the cut. If there is just one golfer in 60th place after the second round, then literally 60 golfers make the cut. If there are three golfers tied for 60th place, then 62 make the cut; if 10 are tied for 60th, then 69 make the cut.

Note that the U.S. Women's Open does not use the 10-stroke rule.

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