Lowest Back-to-Back Rounds in The Masters Tournament

What is the Masters Tournament record for lowest score in back-to-back rounds? That record is 130. So far, only one player in the tournament's history has gone that low over consecutive rounds.

Back-to-back rounds can mean the first and second round, the second and third round, or the third and fourth round. The golfer who set the record did so over the first and second round of the 2015 Masters. That record-holder is Jordan Spieth, who opened with a 64 in 2015, then, in Round 2, added a 66.

Lowest Consecutive Rounds at The Masters

  • 130 — Jordan Spieth, 64-66, first and second rounds, 2015
  • 131 — Johnny Miller, 65-66, third and fourth rounds, 1975
  • 131 — Tiger Woods, 66-65, second and third rounds, 1997
  • 131 — Tiger Woods, 66-65, second and third rounds, 2005
Those are the only golfers so far to score 131 or better in back-to-back rounds of The Masters. Spieth and Woods won the three tournaments in which they scored 131 or better. Miller, the first to get as low as 131 in consecutive Masters rounds, did not. He tied for second place in the 1975 Masters behind winner Jack Nicklaus.

Here's something to note, something this is obvious as soon as it is pointed out: Spieth holds the Masters' tournament record for lowest first 36 holes, Woods for lowest middle 36 holes, and Miller for lowest final 36 holes.

Here are a few other back-to-back scoring records at The Masters:

Lowest back-to-back rounds by an international player: 132 by Nick Price in 1986 and by Greg Norman in 1996. Both players had 63s as one of their rounds, Price scoring 69-63 in the second and third rounds; Norman scoring 63-69 in the first two rounds.

Lowest back-to-back rounds by a first-year player: 134 by Dan Pohl in 1982 (67-67, third and fourth rounds) and by Chris DiMarco in 2001 (65-69 in first two rounds).

Lowest back-to-back rounds by an amateur: 135 by Ken Venturi (66-69, Rounds 1 and 2) in 1956.

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