Do Golfers Who Miss the PGA Championship Cut Get Paid?

The PGA Championship is one of the four major championships of men's professional golf. And like the other three majors, it features a cut after the second round. Golfers who do well in the PGA Championship make a lot of money. But what about those golfers who miss the cut? Do they get a lot — or any — money?

The PGA Championship cut rule reduces the field after 36 holes to the low 70 players plus ties. That means around half the field goes home at that point, while the top half (those who make the 36-hole cut) continue playing and chasing those big bucks.

Do golfers who miss the PGA Championship cut get paid? Yes. Every golfer who completes Round 2 of the PGA Championship earns a paycheck, even those who miss the cut following the second round.

How much money do golfers who missed the cut get? At the 2023 PGA Championship, all golfers who missed the 36-hole cut received a $4,000 paycheck. That amount has increased over time, along with the tournament's overall purse. In some previous, but recent, years, those who missed the cut got $3,200.

You might be thinking that $4,000 isn't much given the amount of money in professional golf these days. You're right. But it's better than zero, which is what golfers who miss the cut in many other pro tournaments receive. (The other three majors, however, also pay golfers who miss the cut. See the links at the bottom of this article.)

The winner of the 2023 PGA Championship received a first-place check of $3,150,000. The golfer who made the cut but then finished last got $25,000, $21k more than the golfers who missed the cut. The PGA Championship's payout to golfers missing the cut is the lowest among the four men's majors.

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