Do Golfers Who Miss the Cut at the British Open Get Paid?

The cut rule at the British Open usually sends more than 70 golfers into the third and fourth rounds. The players who miss that cut go home. But do they go home with a paycheck in their pockets? When a golfer misses the cut in the Open Championship, do they get paid?

Do golfers who missed The Open cut get paid? Yes, every golfer who tees off Round 1 (with the exception of amateurs, of course) earns a paycheck, even those who miss the cut following the second round.

How much money do golfers who missed the cut get? The specific amount ranges from the four figures into the low five figures. So even golfers who miss the British Open cut still get a good check. Well, not good by major championship golf standards, but good by normal-people standards!

Three recent examples: One year, those who missed the cut received a maximum of $7,200 and a minimum of $4,850, with $5,750 checks being handed out in the middle. A following year, the amounts ranged from a low of around $7,500 to a high of around $11,000.

At the 2023 British Open, the three levels of pay for golfers who missed the cut were $12,000, $10,000 and $8,000.

In the other major championships, those golfers missing the cut all receive the same amount of money. Only in the Open Championship is the amount staggered according to finish. The result is that those who miss the cut by a smidge earn more than who missed by more, who earn more than those who missed by a lot.

In 2023, the highest payouts went to the first 10 pros (plus ties) who missed the cut. The middle level was paid out to the next 20 pros (plus ties) after that. And everyone else who missed the cut got the smallest amount.

How does the money paid to golfers who missed the British Open compare to those who make the cut? Not well! In 2023, the Open champion received $3,000,000. And the golfer who finished last after making the cut got $37,175.

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