PGA Championship Cut: Who Makes It, Who Doesn't

The PGA Championship cut is goverened by the cut rule, and the cut rule determines which golfers get to keep playing beyond the second round, and which golfers go home.

So just what is that PGA Championship cut? This is the rule:

  • A single cut takes place following completion of the second round (36 holes).
  • The Top 70 golfers in the standings, including all those tied for 70th place, after 36 holes make the cut.
  • All the golfers in 71st place and lower miss the cut and do not continue in the tournament.
To sum it up: After 36 holes, the PGA Championship cut results in the Top 70 players, including ties, advancing to play the third and fourth rounds.

There is no 10-shot rule at the PGA Championship, so it doesn't matter if a golfer is in 71st place but only eight strokes behind the leader.

The PGA Championship cut line is the score golfers have to make in order to make the cut. But that score changes from year to year, from day to day over the first two days, and even from hole to hole as the second round draws near its close. The cut line might be 2-over, it might be 2-under, it might be even-par. The cut line is fluid, the cut rule stays the same (Top 70 plus ties).

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