Bobby Jones' Yearly Scores and Finishes in The Masters

Everyone knows Bobby Jones was the co-founder of Augusta National Golf Club and of The Masters Tournament. And if you know much about Jones, you also know that he retired from competitive golf after claiming the Grand Slam in 1930.

The Masters Tournament didn't debut until 1934. So if Jones retired in 1930, that means he didn't play The Masters, right? Not so fast.

In fact, Jones did play The Masters Tournament — 12 times. And he played as a professional, not as an amateur. Jones did not want to come out of retirement for this one tournament appearance per year — he knew his game was out of shape — but his co-founder, Clifford Roberts, convinced him to do it in order to get publicity for the new event and new golf club.

And on that count, it certainly worked. The media ate up Jones' role in launching a new tournament and coming out of retirement to play in it.

So how did Jones do playing The Masters? Not bad for a retired, rusty golfer: He finished 13th in the 1934 Masters. And although he played it another 11 times, Jones never fared better. He had one other Top 20 showing, 16th place in 1938. He finished under 300 three times. In his final appearance, in the 1948 Masters, Jones finished 39th.

Here are the year-by-year scores and finishes for Bobby Jones in The Masters:

  • 1934: 76-74-72-72—294, tied for 13th
  • 1935: 74-72-73-78—297, tied for 25th
  • 1936: 78-78-73-77—306, 33rd
  • 1937: 79-74-73-77—303, tied for 29th
  • 1938: 76-74-72-75—297, tied for 16th
  • 1939: 76-77-78-73—304, tied for 33rd
  • 1940: 79-76—155, withdrew
  • 1941: 76-74-78-79—307, 40th
  • 1942: 72-75-79-78—304, tied for 29th
  • 1946: 75-72-77-78—302, tied for 32nd
  • 1947: 75-79-78-80—312, 56th
  • 1948: 76-81-79-79—315, 39th

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