1930 Walker Cup Winner and Match Scores

The 1930 Walker Cup was the sixth time this competition was played. Following Team USA's win, the all-time standings were six wins for the United States, zero wins for Team GB&I.

Final Score: United States 10, Great Britain & Ireland 2

Dates Played: May 15-16, 1930

Location: Royal St. George's Golf Club in Sandwich, England

Team Captains: Bobby Jones for the United States and Roger Wethered for Great Britain & Ireland

Team Rosters:

  • GB&I — William Campbell, Rex Hartley, Ernest Holderness, J.A. Lang, John Nelson Smith, Bill Stout, Cyril Tolley, Tony Torrance, Roger Wethered (playing captain)
  • USA — Jimmy Johnston, Roland MacKenzie, Don Moe, Francis Ouimet, George Voigt, George Von Elm, Oscar Willing, Bobby Jones (playing captain)
Notes: One of the great quotes in Walker Cup history was uttered after the 1930 Walker Cup. It came following the singles match between American Don Moe and Englishman Bill Stout. Stout scorched the course in the morning 18 and stood 4-up, then won the first three holes of the afternoon 18. With 13 holes left, Stout led Moe, 7-up.

Then Moe began reeling Stout in, and when Moe birdied and won the final hole, he had erased all seven holes of that deficit and come out a 1-up winner. Asked about Moe's play over the last 13 holes, Stout said, "That was not golf, that was a visitation from the Lord."

Bobby Jones played in his final Walker Cup. He finished a perfect 5-0 in singles matches during his Walker Cup career. That included wins in his final three singles matches of 12-and-11 (over Cyril Tolley in the 1926 Walker Cup), 13-and-12 (over Philip Perkins in the 1928 Walker Cup) and 9-and-8 here over Roger Wethered.

1930 Walker Cup Results

Day 1 Foursomes

  • Cyril Tolley/Roger Wethered, GB&I, def. George Von Elm/George Voigt, USA, 2-up
  • Oscar Willing/Bobby Jones, USA, def. Rex Hartley/Tony Torrance, GB&I, 8 and 7
  • Don Moe/Roland MacKenzie, USA, def. Ernest Holderness/Bill Stout, GB&I, 2 and 1
  • Francis Ouimet/Jimmy Johnston, USA, def. William Campbell/John Nelson Smith, GB&I, 2 and 1
Score after first session: USA 3, GB&I 1

Day 2 Singles

  • Jimmy Johnston, USA, def. Cyril Tolley, GB&I, 5 and 4
  • Bobby Jones, USA, def. Roger Wethered, GB&I, 9 and 8
  • George Von Elm, USA, def. Rex Hartley, GB&I, 3 and 2
  • George Voigt, USA, def. Ernest Holderness, GB&I, 10 and 8
  • Oscar Willing, USA, def. John Nelson Smith, GB&I, 2 and 1
  • Tony Torrance, GB&I, def. Francis Ouimet, USA, 7 and 6
  • Don Moe, USA, def. Bill Stout, GB&I, 1-up
  • Roland MacKenzie, USA, def. William Campbell, GB&I, 6 and 5
Score of second session: USA 7, GB&I 1
Overall and final score: USA 10, GB&I 2

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