Curtis Cup Captains: All the Golfers Who've Served

The list of Curtis Cup captains goes back to 1932, when the biennial tournament played by the best women amateur golfers was first played. Below is the full list of those who've served in the captain's role for the United States team and the Great Britain & Ireland team.

You won't find a lot of big names on the list (aside from Joyce Wethered and Glenna Collet Vare, two early legends who captained) unless you follow women's amateur golf. Most of the people who've been Curtis Cup captains were previously important players for their side in the event.

While some of the captains on the following list did turn pro, many were lifelong amateurs, and all of them were best-known in their competitive careers for their accomplishments in the amateur ranks.

The List: Curtis Cup Captains

(Click on a year to view the final score, golf course, team rosters and match scores from that Curtis Cup.)

2024 Catriona Matthew Meghan Stasi
2022 Elaine Ratcliffe Sarah Ingram
2021 Elaine Ratcliffe Sarah Ingram
2018 Elaine Farquharson-Black Virginia Derby Grimes
2016 Elaine Farquharson-Black Robin Burke
2014 Tegwen Matthews Ellen Port
2012 Tegwen Matthews Patricia Cornett
2010 Mary McKenna Noreen Mohler
2008 Mary McKenna Carol Semple Thompson
2006 Ada O’Sullivan Carol Semple Thompson
2004 Ada O’Sullivan Martha Wilkinson Kirouac
2002 Pam Benka Mary Budke
2000 Claire Dowling Jane Bastanchury Booth
1998 Ita Butler Barbara McIntire
1996 Ita Butler Martha Lang
1994 Elizabeth Boatman Lancy Smith
1992 Elizabeth Boatman Judith Oliver
1990 Jill Thornhill Leslie Shannon
1988 Diane Robb Bailey Judy Bell
1986 Diane Robb Bailey Judy Bell
1984 Diane Robb Bailey Phyllis Preuss
1982 Marie O’Donnell Betty Probasco
1980 Carol Comboy Nancy Roth Syms
1978 Carol Comboy Helen Sigel Wilson
1976 Belle McCorkindale Robertson Barbara McIntire
1974 Belle McCorkindale Robertson Marion “Sis” Choate
1972 Frances Stephens Smith Jean Ashley Crawford
1970 Jeanne Bisgood Carolyn Cudone
1968 Zara Davis Bolton Evelyn Monsted
1966 Zara Davis Bolton Dorothy Germain Porter
1964 Elsie Corlett Helen Hawes
1962 Frances Stephens Smith Polly Riley
1960 Maureen Ruttle Garrett Mildred Prunaret
1958 Daisy Ferguson Virginia Dennehy
1956 Zara Davis Bolton Edith Flippin
1954 Dorothy Beck Edith Flippin
1952 Katherine Cairns Aniela Goldthwaite
1950 Diana Fishwick Critchley Glenna Collett Vare
1948 Doris Chambers Glenna Collett Vare
1938 R.H. Wallace-Williamson Francis Stebbins
1936 Doris Chambers Glenna Collett Vare
1934 Doris Chambers Glenna Collett Vare
1932 Joyce Wethered Marion Hollins

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