Walker Cup Captains: All the Golfers Who've Served

The list of Walker Cup captains goes back to 1922, the first year this biennial tournament for amateur male golfers began. Every other year, a team representing Great Britain & Ireland (GB&I) faces a squad of golfers representing the United States.

And each of those teams has a team captain. In recent years, you won't see a lot of easily recognizable names (unless you are a close follower of amateur golf), but almost every person listed below previously played in the Walker Cup.

The farther back in time we go, the more recognizable some of Walker Cup captains become (Bobby Jones, for example). That's because in the old days it was far more common for top golfers — golfers who were competitive in the national opens — to remain amateurs for their entire careers.

The List: Walker Cup Captains

(Click on a year to view the final score, golf course, team rosters and match scores from that Walker Cup.)

2025 TBA Nathan Smith
2023 Stuart Wilson Mike McCoy
2021 Stuart Wilson Nathaniel Crosby
2019 Craig Watson Nathaniel Crosby
2017 Andy Ingram Spider Miller
2015 Nigel Edwards Spider Miller
2013 Nigel Edwards Jim Holtgrieve
2011 Nigel Edwards Jim Holtgrieve
2009 Colin Dalgleish Buddy Marucci Jr.
2007 Colin Dalgleish Buddy Marucci Jr.
2005 Garth McGimpsey Bob Lewis
2003 Garth McGimpsey Bob Lewis
2001 Peter McEvoy Danny Yates
1999 Peter McEvoy Danny Yates
1997 Clive Brown Downing Gray
1995 Clive Brown Downing Gray
1993 George Macgregor Vinny Giles
1991 George Macgregor Jim Gabrielson
1989 Geoffrey Marks Fred Ridley
1987 Geoffrey Marks Fred Ridley
1985 Charles Green Jay Sigel
1983 Charles Green Jay Sigel
1981 Rodney Foster Jim Gabrielson
1979 Rodney Foster Dick Siderowf
1977 Sandy Saddler Lewis Oehmig
1975 David Marsh Ed Updegraff
1973 David Marsh Jess Sweetser
1971 Michael Bonallack John Winters
1969 Michael Bonallack Billy Joe Patton
1967 Joe Carr Jess Sweetser
1965 Joe Carr Johnny Fischer
1963 Charles Lawrie Richard Tufts
1961 Charles Lawrie Jack Westland
1959 Gerald Micklem Charles Coe
1957 Gerald Micklem Charles Coe
1955 Alec Hill William C. Campbell
1953 Tony Duncan Charlie Yates
1951 Raymond Oppenheimer Willie Turnesa
1949 Laddie Lucas Francis Ouimet
1947 John B. Beck Francis Ouimet
1938 John B. Beck Francis Ouimet
1936 William Tweddell Francis Ouimet
1934 Michael Scott Francis Ouimet
1932 Tony Torrance Francis Ouimet
1930 Roger Wethered Bobby Jones
1928 William Tweddell Bobby Jones
1926 Robert Harris Robert Gardner
1924 Cyril Tolley Robert Gardner
1923 Robert Harris Robert Gardner
1922 Bernard Darwin William C. Fownes

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