How to Play the Golf Game Named 'Big Stick'

What is the "big stick" in golf? It's the driver. So what is the golf game named Big Stick? It's a game that requires you to hit driver from every tee.

That's it, that's the only requirement in Big Stick: On every tee, whether you'd normally use driver on that hole or not, you have to use your driver to play your tee shot.

It's a par-5 with water crossing the fairway and you'd normally use a 3-hybrid and lay up short of the water? Sorry, in Big Stick you have to hit driver.

It's a 120-yard par-3 on which you'd normally hit a 9-iron? Sorry, today, in Big Stick, you're hitting driver on that tiny hole.

You can use any scoring format you like for Big Stick: match play or stroke play; or combine it with any other game. Or just play straight golf with the exception of the must-hit-driver stipulation.

Clearly, the Big Stick game puts a lot of pressure on your ability to think creatively and play creatively with your driver. On many of the holes you'll be playing you probably would have hit driver anyway. But on at least a handful, maybe more, of those holes (such as the two examples above), you'll have to get creative and try different ways of gripping the club (up or down), different trajectories, different shot shapes, different swing speeds and/or lengths.

There is also a skins game version called Red Tee Rally that uses (in one of its formats) the driver-on-every-hole mandate.

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