1949 Ryder Cup Winner, Match Scores, Player Records

The 1949 Ryder Cup was the eighth time this tournament, featuring teams representing Great Britain and the United States, was played. Following Team USA's victory, the all time standings were six wins for the U.S., two wins for Great Britain.

Final Score: United States 7, Great Britain 5

Dates Played: September 16-17, 1949

Golf Course: Ganton Golf Club in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England

Team Captains: Ben Hogan for the United States, Charles Whitcombe for Great Britain

Team Rosters:

Match Notes: Ben Hogan was the captain for Team USA, but he was unable to play due to his automobile accident earlier in the year (February). The American side was also missing 1949 U.S. Open winner Cary Middlecoff: Because he had not yet acquired his membership in the PGA of America, he was ineligible to play.

Before play started, Hogan requested an inspection of the golf clubs of Great Britain's players to see if their iron grooves might be non-conforming. Two years earlier, at the 1947 Ryder Cup, the then-captain Henry Cotton had requested that Hogan's grooves be checked. Turned out there was no problem with Hogan's grooves. But the British players' irons failed to pass the inspection, and Ganton Golf Club professional Jock Ballantine had to file down the too-deep grooves the night before play began.

Team GB didn't seem bothered, racing to a 3-1 lead in foursomes. But on the second day the Americans dominated in singles, winning six of the eight games to take the match.

1949 Ryder Cup Results

Day 1

  • Max Faulkner/Jimmy Adams, Great Britain, def. Dutch Harrison/Johnny Palmer, USA, 2 and 1
  • Fred Daly/Ken Bousfield, Great Britain, def. Bob Hamilton/Skip Alexander, USA, 4 and 2
  • Jimmy Demaret/Clayton Heafner, USA, def. Charlie Ward/Sam King, Great Britain, 4 and 3
  • Dick Burton/Arthur Lees, Great Britain, def. Sam Snead/Lloyd Mangrum, USA, 1-up
Score after Day 1: Great Britain 3, USA 1

Day 2

  • Dutch Harrison, USA, def. Max Faulkner, Great Britain, 8 and 7
  • Jimmy Adams, Great Britain, def. Johnny Palmer, USA, 2 and 1
  • Sam Snead, USA, def. Charlie Ward, Great Britain, 6 and 5
  • Dai Rees, Great Britain, def. Bob Hamilton, USA, 6 and 4
  • Clayton Heafner, USA, def. Dick Burton, Great Britain, 3 and 2
  • Chick Harbert, USA, def. Sam King, Great Britain, 4 and 3
  • Jimmy Demaret, USA, def. Arthur Lees, 7 and 6
  • Lloyd Mangrum, USA, def. Fred Daly, Great Britain, 4 and 3
Score of singles session: USA 6, Great Britain 2
Overall and final score: USA 7, Great Britain 5

1949 Ryder Cup Player Records

(Records are listed as wins-losses-halves.)

United States
Skip Alexander, 0-1-0
Jimmy Demaret, 2-0-0
Bob Hamilton, 0-2-0
Chick Harbert, 1-0-0
Dutch Harrison, 1-1-0
Clayton Heafner, 2-0-0
Lloyd Mangrum, 1-1-0
Johnny Palmer, 0-2-0
Sam Snead, 1-1-0

Great Britain
Jimmy Adams, 2-0-0
Laurie Ayton, did not play
Ken Bousfield, 1-0-0
Dick Burton, 1-1-0
Fred Daly, 1-1-0
Max Faulkner, 1-1-0
Sam King, 0-2-0
Arthur Lees, 1-1-0
Dai Rees, 1-0-0
Charlie Ward, 0-2-0

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