The 'Bounce Back' Golf Game

"Bounce Back" is the name of a golf points game in which golfers place a monetary value either on each point earned, or more simply agree to pay out to the overall high-points earner. In Bounce Back, a golfer who comes back from a double bogey by making a par or better on the next hole earns a point.

If playing Bounce Back on its own, then it's just that simple: Make par or better one hole after making double bogey or worse, and you earn a point. At the end of the round, all golfers playing tally their points — you agreed before starting how much money each point was worth, right? — and the differences are paid out.

The other way to bet Bounce Back is for each golfer put a few bucks into the pot before the round, and the high-points earner wins the pot.

But neither of those options is the way Bounce Back is typically played. Bounce Back is usually combined with multiple other points games — games such as Arnies, barkies, splashies, scuffies, Nicklauses — to create a larger game with many more points being earned throughout the round. These catch-all points games go by such names as Junk, Garbage, Trash and Dots.

Another thing to keep in mind: Although Bounce Back usually involves the scores of double bogey and par, it doesn't have to. You can set the parameters of the game any way your group prefers. You can make it easier to earn points, or harder to earn points, depending on the skill levels of the golfers in your group and what other types of games you might be playing along with Bounce Back.

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