9-Hole PGA Tour Record for Fewest Putts

Which golfers, in the history of the PGA Tour, managed to play nine holes — the front nine or the back nine — taking the fewest amount of putts? The list is below. But the all-time recordholder needed only six putts to complete his nine.

The Record: 6 Putts for 9 Holes By Stan Utley

I've used six putts on a single green before. But at the 2002 Air Canada Championship, Stan Utley needed only six putts to play the entire front nine of his second round.

Utley had six one-putt greens on that front nine, and three other times holed out from just off the green. That was good enough to set a new PGA Tour record, but it wasn't good enough for him to make the cut. Utley had carded a 79 in the first round, and finished with a 72 in the second round. Over the back nine, Utley used 14 putts, so finished with 20 putts for the round.

Utley later became a highly regarded short game coach. In his book, The Art of Putting: The Revolutionary Feel-Based System for Improving Your Score (affiliate link), Utley wrote about that day:

"Everybody asks me if the hole looked huge that day. Actually, it didn't feel like anything out of the ordinary. I missed a lot of greens and made some nice putts to get up-and-down, but the big thing was that I chipped in twice. That record is more a testament to my short game than to my putting."
Whose record did Utley break? Bill Nary's. In the 1952 El Paso Open, in the third round, Nary shot the second round of 60 in PGA Tour history. And over the back nine of that round, he used only seven putts. It took 50 years for anyone to break that record.

The List: Fewest Putts, 9 Holes, on the PGA Tour

6 putts
  • Stan Utley, front nine, second round, 2002 Air Canada Championship (Northview Golf & Country Club in Surrey, British Columbia)
7 putts
  • Bill Nary, back nine, third round, 1952 El Paso Open (El Paso Country Club)
8 putts
  • Jim Colbert, front nine, final round, 1967 Greater Jacksonville Open
  • Sam Trahan, back nine, final round, 1979 IVB Philadelphia Golf Classic
  • Bill Calfee, back nine, third round, 1980 Greater Greensboro Open
  • Kenny Knox, back nine, first round, 1989 MCI Heritage Classic
  • John Inman, front nine, final round, 1994 MCI Heritage Classic
  • Tom Pernice Jr., back nine, third round, 2005 Funai Classic at Walt Disney World Resort
  • Blake Adams, front nine, second round, 2010 Verizon Heritage
  • Phil Mickelson, back nine, first round, 2014 WGC CA Championship

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