How to Play the Golf Game Called 'Bobby Jones'

Every golfer knows who Bobby Jones was: A legend in golf, one of the greatest players of all-time. But do you know how to play the golf game known as Bobby Jones? The Bobby Jones golf game is a fun format for two golfers who have different skill levels, one being better than the other.

Basics of the Bobby Jones Format

Here's the gist of playing Bobby Jones:
  • The format is for two golfers of different abilities, where competing straight-up, head-to-head would mean the better golfer always winning.
  • On each hole, the two golfers play their drives. They then switch balls — they play each other's tee shots the rest of the hole.
That's it: the basics of the Bobby Jones game. The weaker of the two golfers gets the benefit of playing the better golfer's drive, that drive (presumably) being the much better of the two. And the more-skilled player has to play his second stroke from a (presumably) worse position than his opponent on every hole.

Two possible issues might have occurred to you at this point: 1) Can't the stronger player hit an intentionally bad drive?; and 2) What if the weaker player somehow pulls off a better drive than the stronger player?

Safeguards In the Bobby Jones Game

Luckily, golfers who play the Bobby Jones game have come up with a great solution that addresses both of those issues: The weaker golfer always hits his or her drive second, after the better played has teed off, and has the option of playing his own or his opponent's drive.

That prevents the better player from tanking on the driver, and also ensures that on every hole the weaker player gets to play the better of the two drives.

If the handicap difference or skill-level difference between the two golfers is very large, then the switching-of-balls won't be enough to even out the game and give the lesser player a chance to win. In that case, golfers can apply handicaps or partial handicaps.

More formats to try:

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