How Players Qualify for the Presidents Cup Teams

The Presidents Cup teams — United States and International — are made up of 12 golfers per side. How are those golfers selected? What are the qualifying criteria? For both teams, it's a combination of points lists and captain's choice.

The specifics of Presidents Cup qualifying have changed a few times over the course of the event's history. But as it stands right now, players qualify for the Presidents Cup this way:

  • Team USA: The top eight golfers on the United States Presidents Cup points list automatically make the team. The team captain then fills out the roster with four captain's picks.
  • Team International: The top eight golfers on the Presidents Cup International Team Points List automatically make the team. The team captain then makes four captain's picks.
Typically, the automatic qualifiers are finalized several weeks before the team captains make their additional picks.

How Points Are Earned for the Point Lists

So players qualify for the Presidents Cup teams by finishing in the Top 8 on the teams' respective points lists. But how do the players earn those points? Here's how:

  • Team USA: The points in the American point lists are FedEx Cup points, compiled over a two-year period. But points earned in the second year (meaning from the start of the PGA Tour season in which the next Presidents Cup takes place) are weighted twice as much. A FedEx Cup point earned in the Presidents Cup year is doubled, in other words.
  • Team International: For the Internationals, the points on the Presidents Cup point list are Official World Golf Ranking points — but only those earned in the one year leading up to the next Presidents Cup.

How to View the Presidents Cup Point Standings at Any Time

The PGA Tour is the organization that owns and runs the Presidents Cup, and the Presidents Cup points lists can be found in the Stats section on You can view the Team USA points list or the Team International points list.

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