1951 Walker Cup Winner and Match Scores

The 1951 Walker Cup was the 13th time this competition took place. Following the United States victory, the all-time standings were 12 wins for Team USA, one win for Team GB&I.

Final Score: United States 6, Great Britain & Ireland 3

Dates Played: May 11-12, 1951

Location: Royal Birkdale Golf Club in Southport, England

Team Captains: Willie Turnesa for the United States, Raymond Oppenheimer for Great Britain & Ireland

Team Rosters:

  • USA — William C. Campbell, Dick Chapman, Charles Coe, Bobby Knowles, Jim McHale Jr., Harold Paddock Jr., Frank Stranahan, Sam Urzetta, Willie Turnesa (playing captain)
  • GB&I — Jimmy Bruen, Ian Caldwell, Joe Carr, Frank Deighton, Cecil Ewing, Alex Kyle, John Langley, Max McCready, John Llewellyn Morgan, Ronnie White
Notes: Team GB&I led Team USA after the morning 18 in three of the Day 1 foursomes, but the Americans rallied in the afternoon 18 to earn two victories, halving the other two. After four wins in Day 2 singles, the USA earned the victory.

Ronnie White of GB&I remained undefeated through three Walkers Cup, winning his singles match and halving his foursomes.

William C. Campbell, a future two-time USGA President, made his Walker Cup debut. He eventually played in seven Cups and captained one. His last playing appearance wasn't until 1975, a 24-year gap from his first — the Walker Cup record for that stat. Campbell is second all-time in Walker Cup history in both match wins (11) and points earned (16.5).

During this Walker Cup, representatives of the R&A and USGA met and agreed to a uniform set of the Rules of Golf, eliminating differences in the rules between the two governing bodies. After this match, American teammates Dick Chapman and Charles Coe met in the championship match of the British Amateur, Chapman winning.

1951 Walker Cup Results

(At this time in Walker Cup history, halved matches resulted in zero points awarded.)

Day 1 Foursomes

  • Frank Stranahan/William C. Campbell, USA, halved with Ronnie White/Joe Carr, GB&I
  • Cecil Ewing/John Langley, GB&I, halved with Charles Coe/Jim McHale Jr., USA
  • Dick Chapman/Bobby Knowles, USA, def. Alex Kyle/Ian Caldwell, GB&I, 1-up
  • Willie Turnesa/Sam Urzetta, USA, def. Jimmy Bruen/John Llewellyn Morgan, GB&I, 5 and 4
Score of first session: USA 2, GB&I 0

Day 2 Singles

  • Sam Urzetta, USA, def. Max McCready, GB&I, 4 and 3
  • Joe Carr, GB&I, def. Frank Stranahan, USA, 2 and 1
  • Ronnie White, GB&I, def. Charles Coe, USA, 2 and 1
  • Jim McHale Jr., USA, def. John Langley, GB&I, 2-up
  • William C. Campbell, USA, def. Cecil Ewing, GB&I, 5 and 4
  • Alex Kyle, GB&I, def. Willie Turnesa, USA, 2-up
  • Ian Caldwell, GB&I, halved with Harold Paddock Jr., USA
  • Dick Chapman, USA, def. John Llewellyn Morgan, GB&I, 7 and 6
Score of second session: USA 4, GB&I 3
Overall and final score: USA 6, GB&I 3

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