1934 Masters Tournament Winner and Scores

The 1934 Masters Tournament was the very first one, and it wasn't even called "The Masters" yet: It was originally named the Augusta National Invitation Tournament. The first champion was Horton Smith.

Winner: Horton Smith, 284

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: March 22-25, 1934

Leader after first round: Emmet French, Jimmy Hines and Horton Smith, 70

Leader after second round: Horton Smith, 142

Leader after third round: Horton Smith, 212

What Happened at the 1934 Masters Tournament

Who was the very first Masters champion? Horton Smith, who shared or held the lead after each round. Smith secured the win with a 20-foot birdie putt on the next-to-last hole, and edged runner-up Craig Wood by one stroke. While the hole that winning putt happened on was the 17th in 1934, today it is the 8th hole, because when the tournament debuted its nines were reversed: the front nine then is today's back nine; the back nine then is today's front nine.

Tournament co-founder Bobby Jones finished tied for 13th. It was Jones' first competitive tournament appearance since the 1930 U.S. Amateur, where he completed the Grand Slam and after which he retired from competition. He was talked into playing here by co-founder Clifford Roberts, who knew that Jones playing would guarantee major press coverage of the tournament — and of the new golf club for which they were trying to sell memberships. And it worked: Many of the news articles about the early rounds focused on Jones' play. (Jones played in The Masters 12 times total.)

Ralph Stonehouse played the first shot in Masters history and finished 16th. Ross Somerville made the first hole-in-one in Masters history on the 16th hole during the second round. Charlie Yates was The Masters' first low amateur. This was the only Masters played entirely in March (one other Masters started in March).

Winner Smith went on to win the 1936 Masters as well, making him the tournament's first two-time champion. Runner-up Wood finished second again at the 1935 Masters before winning the tournament in 1941.

The Masters was so new in 1934 that it wasn't even officially named "The Masters." Roberts wanted from the start to use that name for the event, but Jones thought the name too presumptuous. So the very first Masters (and several more) was called the "Augusta National Invitation Tournament." Although the golfers and some media informally referred to the tournament as "The Masters" all along, it didn't officially take that name until 1939.

1934 Masters Final Scores

Horton Smith 70-72-70-72—284
Craig Wood 71-74-69-71—285
Billy Burke 72-71-70-73—286
Paul Runyan 74-71-70-71—286
Ed Dudley 74-69-71-74—288
Willie MacFarlane 74-73-70-74—291
Al Espinosa 75-70-75-72—292
Jimmy Hines 70-74-74-74—292
Harold McSpaden 77-74-72-69—292
Macdonald Smith 74-70-74-74—292
Mortie Dutra 74-75-71-73—293
Al Waltrous 74-74-71-74—293
Walter Hagen 71-76-70-77—294
Bobby Jones 76-74-72-72—294
Denny Shute 73-73-76-72—294
Leo Diegel 73-72-74-76—295
Ralph Stonehouse 74-70-75-76—295
Ky Laffoon 72-79-72-73—296
Johnny Revolta 75-72-75-74—296
Bill Schwartz 75-72-71-78—296
Johnny Golden 71-75-74-77—297
a-Charlie Yates 76-72-77-72—297
a-Johnny Dawson 74-73-76-75—298
Henry Picard 71-76-75-76—298
Henry Ciuci 74-73-74-78—299
Tom Creavy 74-73-80-72—299
Vic Ghezzi 77-74-74-74—299
Bobby Cruickshank 74-74-80-72—300
Jim Foulis 78-74-76-72—300
Mike Turnesa 75-74-77-74—300
Charles Lacey 74-73-80-74—301
John Kinder 77-76-74-76—303
Phil Perkins 74-76-76-78—304
a-George Dunlap 76-75-78-77—306
Joe Turnesa 75-75-77-79—306
Johnny Farrell 77-80-78-72—307
Joe Paletti 73-79-75-80—307
Errie Ball 74-75-74-86—309
Abe Espinosa 76-77-75-81—309
Gene Kunes 80-76-78-75—309
David Ogilvie 79-75-77-78—309
Tom Kerrigan 76-78-80-79—310
George Kerrigan 84-74-76-77—311
a-Ross Somerville 82-78-74-77—311
a-Willie Turnesa 75-78-80-79—312
Sam Parks Jr. 79-81-79-74—313
John Perelli 79-77-79-78—313
W.D. Fondren 79-79-74-83—315
a-Billy Howell 76-80-83-76—315
Fred McLeod 80-81-79-76—316
George Sargent 80-76-82-78—316
Charles Hall 79-81-77-80—317
George Jacobus 79-80-77-81—317
a-Walter Emery 77-76-82-84—319
a-Sam Perry 77-81-80-81—319
Jim Vincent 80-80-77-82—319
Willie Dow 81-79-80-80—320
a-Jess Sweetser 80-82-81-78—321
a-C.T. Wilson 80-83-80-79—322
a-Bayard Mitchell 84-79-84-85—332
Cyril Walker 88-85-81-80—334

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