1941 Masters Tournament Scores and Winner

The 1941 Masters was the eighth time the tournament was played. The winner was a golfer with a reputation for hard-luck losses — this time he got the win, but he had previously lost in extra holes at all four of the professional majors.

Winner: Craig Wood, 280

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 3-6, 1941

Leader after first round: Craig Wood, 66

Leader after second round: Craig Wood, 137

Leader after third round: Craig Wood, 208

What Happened in the 1941 Masters Tournament

Craig Wood finished second in the inaugural 1934 Masters. Then he finished second again in the 1935 Masters, losing an 18-hole playoff to Gene Sarazen. In fact, by the time Wood reached the 1941 Masters, he was still winless in majors, but had lost in playoffs or extra holes at all four of what are now known as the major championships: The Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship.

But here, at the 1941 Masters, Wood finally broke through for that major championship victory. And he did it by becoming The Masters' very first wire-to-wire winner.

Although Wood, 39 years old at the time, never relinquished the lead after a first-round 66, he was tied at one point during the final round. Byron Nelson began Round 4 five shots behind Wood and made up that entire deficit on the front nine. Wood shot 38 on his front nine, Nelson 33.

But their fortunes reversed when the nines changed, and Wood wound up winning by three over runner-up Nelson. Sam Byrd, a former Major League Baseball player whose nickname was "Babe Ruth's Legs" (because he was often used as a pinch-runner for Ruth) finished in solo third.

Wood went on to win the next major played, the 1941 U.S. Open, too. There was not another wire-to-wire winner in The Masters until Arnold Palmer did it in 1960.

The 1941 Masters also marks the final major championship appearance by 11-time major winner Walter Hagen. Hagen's career was already in decline by the time The Masters began in 1934, and his best finish here was a tie for 11th. Hagen carded an 87 in the first round of the 1941 Masters and then withdrew.

1941 Masters Final Scores

Craig Wood 66-71-71-72—280
Byron Nelson 71-69-73-70—283
Sam Byrd 73-70-68-74—285
Ben Hogan 71-72-75-68—286
Ed Dudley 73-72-75-68—288
Vic Ghezzi 77-71-71-70—289
Sam Snead 73-75-72-69—289
Lawson Little 71-70-74-75—290
Willie Goggin 71-72-72-76—291
Lloyd Mangrum 71-72-72-76—291
Harold "Jug" McSpaden 75-74-72-70—291
Jimmy Demaret 77-69-71-75—292
Clayton Heafner 73-70-76-73—292
Harry Cooper 72-73-75-73—293
Ralph Guldahl 76-71-75-71—293
Jimmy Thomson 73-75-72-73—293
Jack Ryan 73-74-74-74—295
Denny Shute 77-75-74-70—296
a-Dick Chapman 76-73-70-78—297
Jimmy Hines 76-74-75-72—297
Gene Kunes 76-74-76-71—297
Dick Metz 74-72-75-76—297
Sam Parks Jr. 75-76-75-71—297
Toney Penna 73-74-80-70—297
Gene Sarazen 76-72-74-75—297
Felix Serafin 72-79-74-72—297
Horton Smith 74-72-77-74—297
Ray Mangrum 76-70-78-74—298
Jim Ferrier 75-76-73-75—299
Jim Foulis 76-75-71-77—299
Martin Pose 77-74-76-72—299
Al Watrous 74-75-76-75—300
Leonard Dodson 75-77-78-71—301
a-George Dawson 74-78-77-73—302
Paul Runyan 78-78-74-73—303
a-Charlie Yates 78-75-75-75—303
Frank Walsh 74-76-76-78—304
Tommy Armour 75-75-76-79—305
Johnny Bulla 73-76-78-79—306
Bobby Jones 76-74-78-79—307
Bruce Coltart 80-78-75-75—308
Andy Gibson 78-75-80-76—309
Jock Hutchison 77-81-76-78—312
Tony Manero 73-80-78-82—313
a-W.B. McCullough 79-74-84-76—313
a-Art Doering Jr. 74-79-77-81—314
a-Andrew Szwedko 81-79-78-81—319

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