1940 Masters Tournament Winner and Scores

The 1940 Masters was the seventh time the tournament was played. Jimmy Demaret won his first Green Jacket this year, and went on to win the tournament twice more — becoming the first three-time Masters champion.

Winner: Jimmy Demaret, 280

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 4-7, 1940

Leader after first round: Lloyd Mangrum, 64

Leader after second round: Jimmy Demaret and Lloyd Mangrum, 139

Leader after third round: Jimmy Demaret, 209

What Happened at the 1940 Masters Tournament

Lloyd Mangrum started the 1940 Masters with a record-setting score, but Jimmy Demaret finished the tournament with the largest margin of victory to date.

Demaret won by four strokes, which is really not a big margin. But it was largest winning margin to this point in Masters Tournament history. Keep in mind, though, there had only been six Masters prior to this — none of them was won by more than two strokes.

In the first round, Mangrum (who later won a U.S. Open but never The Masters) took the lead with a 64. That was the tournament record, and it nobody beat it until Nick Price carded the first 63 at Augusta National in the 1986 Masters.

Demaret had his own first-round success with a 67, then followed with three rounds of par or better to overtake Mangrum, who finished second. Demaret overcame an illness in the third round — he considered withdrawing — to shoot 70 that day. Augusta National officials helped him by delaying his starting time 30 minutes, giving him more time to prepare. (Rules about starting times were a bit looser in those days at Augusta.)

Demaret, playing in his second Masters, had just two wins on the PGA Tour entering 1940, but this season was his breakout year with six victories. Demaret went on to win The Masters twice more, in 1947 and 1950.

1940 Masters Final Scores

Jimmy Demaret 67-72-70-71—280
Lloyd Mangrum 64-75-71-74—284
Byron Nelson 69-72-74-70—285
Harry Cooper 69-75-73-70—287
Ed Dudley 73-72-71-71—287
Willie Goggin 71-72-73-71—287
Henry Picard 71-71-71-75—288
Sam Snead 71-72-69-76—288
Craig Wood 70-75-67-76—288
Ben Hogan 73-74-69-74—290
Toney Penna 73-73-72-72—290
Paul Runyan 72-73-72-74—291
Frank Walsh 73-75-69-74—291
Sam Byrd 73-74-72-73—292
Johnny Farrell 76-72-70-74—292
Ralph Guldahl 74-73-71-74—292
Harold "Jug" McSpaden 73-71-74-75—293
a-Charlie Yates 72-75-71-75—293
Lawson Little 70-77-75-72—294
Ed Oliver 73-75-74-72—294
Johnny Bulla 73-73-74-75—295
Dick Metz 71-74-75-75—295
Gene Sarazen 74-71-77-73—295
a-Bud Ward 74-68-75-78—295
Al Watrous 75-70-73-77—295
a-Jim Ferrier 73-74-75-74—296
Jimmy Hines 75-76-74-72—297
Johnny Revolta 74-74-74-75—297
Jim Foulis 74-75-73-76—298
Tony Manero 75-75-73-75—298
Dutch Harrison 72-76-74-77—299
Frank Moore 76-72-73-78—299
a-Chick Harbert 74-77-75-75—301
Jules Huot 78-76-70-77—301
Jimmy Thomson 77-76-70-78—301
a-Wilford Wehrle 74-71-76-80—301
Martin Pose 77-76-74-75—302
Tommy Armour 71-74-78-80—303
Vic Ghezzi 77-75-74-79—305
a-William Holt 80-75-76-74—305
Rod Munday 73-76-75-81—305
a-Bob Sweeny 76-78-73-78—305
a-Tommy Tailer 79-74-74-78—305
a-Chuck Kocsis 76-79-74-77—306
a-Art Doering 76-79-76-75—306
Felix Serafin 85-72-80-71—308
Horton Smith 76-76-80-77—309
a-Willie Turnesa 76-74-81-78—309
a-George Dawson 77-73-81-81—312
Enrique Bertolino 80-80-78-75—313
a-Chick Evans 82-84-86-79—331

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